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Dead to society: It's supposed to be an anonymous reivew.

Can you say "Epic fail?"

Eh, I don't care. I'm going to vent about FP here, because I can't 'review' my own story.

- What's with all the RP forums? Or rather, go ahead and RP, but can FP make it so I don't have to sift through them to find ones that actually talk about writing? Forum search is great, but it doesn't seem understand basic search engine syntax such as "fantasy NOT RP" or "fantasy -RP".

- FP doesn't allow you (easily) to write a story in a browser window, so people must be writing in some program running on their computer. What are they using, notepad? OpenOffice and Word both have spell Czech, why aren't people using them? Even if they're composing in a browser, Firefox has spell check. It's not great, but it's something.

- And, if they use the 'export story' workaround to create documents in the Document Manager, FP has an icon in the Edit/Preview Document window that claims to be a spell check. It's the ABC-with-a-check-mark icon.

- But it doesn't work.

- What's with all the URL restrictions? I mean, I understand the desire to not RickRoll users, but at least be consistent. Stuff that I can use in a forum doesn't work in a story, and vice versa.

- And why can't I use any punctuation at all in a story title? "This: The That" is a valid title.

- When someone says DocX, I think of Word 2007. When FP says DocX, they mean text. I want 'Track History' and sidebar comments.

- Has anyone ever gotten a response from and email to support (at) fictionpress (dot) com?

- Whats' with the bugs lately? First we couldn't upload, then (at least twice) email notifications went belly-up.

- The FP Home page was last update was dated 11 months ago.

There, I vented, and I will sign my name to it. If you want to vent w/o being anonymous, go right ahead.

I'm posting this as a new chapter in case people do want to review (more than once) without logging out. Hey, it's your business if you want people to know who you are. Me, if I have anything to say, I'll either edit an existing chapter or add a new one.