I've decided poem 300 will be completely lackluster.
it will contain no reputable qualities,
and represent no creative talent.

this is not art.
I am not an artist.

I will not channel my aptitude for poetry
rather it will be fervently neglected!
opposition baby!

there will be no:
mind blowing and
no breath taking.

keep your mind and your breath!
swallow them back, deep into your
lower rib cage, adjacent to the heart.
let it rot there.

be, unimpressed. uninspired.
reject all forms of 'creativity'.
become a Christian.

poem 300 will not be poem,
not a list, or essay, nor memo.

just a series of cluttered words,
in poem format.

cause its 2010 baby,
and shit creek an't got no let-out.
(it's a circle baby,) round and round.

round and round.