Made: Thursday, February 4, 2010

Time: 1:42pm

Imagination running wild,

Causing sleepless nights.

I am losing the battle,

But never asked for the fight.

So many scenarios

Of you and of me—

Things that will never happen.

Why can't I be free?

You lead me on so much,

Making me wonder:

Do I even have a chance;

Or is it just a blunder?

But then there's this other guy,

That I've liked for so long.

Am I really so fickle?

With who do I belong?

Then you came along

And got in his way,

With your cool eyes and charming smile,

You made me sway.

One day we're so close,

The next I'm avoided.

Do you like me or not?!

I'm not one to be molded.

I shouldn't even like you.

Must stay in denial—

Blink the tiny hearts away,

Have no thoughts for a while.

But when nighttime comes around,

You'll push yourself in.

I'll never confront you,

So we'll always just stay friends.