This is my point of view. My first story where I will tell about my life as it changes from one thing to an other thing. In the start, I was supposed to take over the family business, but I've always wished to become a mage. A magician who could protect defenseless people and use spells that was out of the ordinary. Of course, my parents and siblings disagreed completely. They had nothing against magicians, but never had a member of the Koyama Family done anything else than to carry the traditions to the next generation.

After bothering my parents 24/7, they finally gave me permission to enter Ashikawa Academy, a school for beginners and amateurs. They told me to be careful, and that I shouldn't do anything reckless. And I said I wouldn't.

Ashikawa Academy was the first place on this planet that was actually bigger than the house my family and I lived in. At least to me it was.

The school got my papers done and I had finally been able to transfer. I was now standing in front of the classroom, ready to enter a new world of magic. I opened the door as the teacher asked me to come inside. A lot of students were sitting in there. The classroom was a lot bigger than I imagined, but I pretended not to be impressed by it.

The teacher, Sensei Yamaki, wrote something on the blackboard behind me. "Everyone, this is Koyama Mahou-san. She has transferred here from the town of Mashiya, and will stay with us for now. Please treat her as a friend and fellow student. Any questions?"

A girl with golden brown hair raised her hand. "Kamaki-san?"

"What kind of powers does this girl have?" the girl, Kamaki, asked. Powers? What did she mean by powers?

"Her name is Mahou, Kamaki-san. And it hasn't been discovered yet. You all know it takes some time to find it out," Sensei Yamaki answered.

The room became more quiet than the cemetery and library together. Not a single sound. Was it because of me? Or perhaps Sensei? What made them so quiet, all of a sudden?

"Why is she here, if she doesn't have any powers?" a boy with reddish brown hair on second row asked.

"This is a school for beginners and amateurs, Jin-san. You know the definition of it, right?" Sensei Yamaki asked. It sounded more like a thread than a question to me. Scary.

He closed his mouth and looked down. Sensei Yamaki was tougher than I thought she would be.

"Mahou-san," Sensei Yamaki said as she turned to me. "You may sit down next to Mayuko-san. Can you raise your hand, Mayuko-san?"

A hand was quickly raised, and I walked over to the empty seat next to her. Mayuko was a pretty girl with green eyes and hair in a weird mixture of brown, orange and red, hanging down her back in an average long ponytail. She gave me a slight smile to greet me. The smile was a cold one and not very happy.

Somebody, get me out of here! What have I done to deserve this!

(| o | o | o |)

I was on my way to my new bedroom. I had gotten a map of the western dormitory, which I was inside of right now. The corridor was long, and my room far away. I had to go all the way to Room 627.

"Where is that stupid room of mine?" I asked myself as I checked the door numbers. 675... 677... 679... Wait, did I walk past it? Oh my god, I'm such a moron for walking past my own bedroom!

"Excuse me, but you seem to be lost," a girl voice behind me said. I turned around and saw a girl with silvery hair to the hips and soft red eyes. She wore a white skirt, white blouse with long sleeves, a red tie and navy blue blazer over it all. "Hey, you're the new girl! Was it Mahou?"

"That's right," I said and turned towards her. "I am Koyama Mahou. And who are you?"

"My name is Kashiwagi Suzuha. Nice to meet you," she said and reached a hand out. I shook it. "Are you looking for something?"

"I'm looking for my bedroom. Room 627, but I seem to have gone past it without noticing," I answered.

"Really? My room is no. 629. I can show you the way if you want to," Suzuha said.

"Honto ni? Thank you so much!" I said, being so thankful. I finally met someone who didn't dislike me. "So, we're going to be neighbours?"

"That is the coolest thing ever!" she said and smiled brightly. God, how adorable she looked! "Yay! We're going to be neighbours! Living next door to the other one~!"

I laughed a little as she stopped her happy dancing. "Are you actually laughing for what I did?" she asked.

"What? Of course not, that would be rude of me!" I protested.

"I know you did! I'll do it even more!" she said a little too loud and started dancing like a monkey. "You seemed so sad all day! Laughing is healthy and will surely cheer you up!"

"One dance is good enough," I assured her about. "I already feel better."

"Hurray for Suzuha's Happy Happy Dance!" Suzuha exclaimed. "We're almost there. Look at the door number next to us." I did. 635. Almost there now. "Want to be friends with me?"

"I guess that would be cool."

"All right! Ureshii~!" She made the surfaces of her palms make contact with each other. "Ja ne!" She disappeared into the bedroom next to mine when we had finally arrived.