"Suzuha's mother changed her name?"

Fumina sat on the bed and rubbed her chin thoughtfully. Somehow, this wasn't the reaction I expected from her. She seemed less surprised than I thought she would be. "There is an old tradition that might explain it, if Kaiyaki Yua really is Suzuha's mother."

"Of course she is!" I exclaimed suddenly. "Kaiyaki Yua, or Kashiwagi Kanami, had a daughter named Suzuha. And you heard the description of her, right? Just like Asaoka-san, except for silvery hair and ruby eyes, just like Suzuha."

"You've got a point there," Fumina said and looked at me. "According to something I read recently, a tradition is used between marriage of two from different countries. The one who take the partner's last name, must also change his or her first name."

"That explains everything!" I said and jumped up from the floor, where I was sitting at the moment.

"Why are you so happy?" Fumina asked.

Stopping my happy dance (God, I'm turning into Suzuha), I answered: "Ehehe... Ever since I came here, there has been nothing but secrets around me. Solving one of them is really making me happy in a way."

"I understand," Fumina said and nodded slightly.

"Thanks for helping me out, Fumina-chan," I said and walked towards the door.

"Fumina-chan?" She looked at me in confusion. I stopped and looked at her. "You're welcome, Mahou-chan."

A slight smile appeared on my face. She did the same and took out a book from underneath a pillow. "Remember to practice the three spells Sensei Azama gave us."

"I will," I told her and exited the room quickly. I walked rather slowly back to my own room.

When I was by the library, something made me stop. Tokugawa Rinku was standing there, reading a book of black binding. His eyes were focused on the words, reading every single one, as if he tried to remember them all.

"Tokugawa? Isn't a bit late to hanging around here?" My voice didn't surprise him much, he just closed his eyes, then the book and put it back on the shelf. He walked past me out of the library. "Hey, I'm talking to you!"

"We have nothing to talk about," he said, turning his head slightly towards me without looking in my direction. I didn't know if it was an insult or a warning.

"Sorry..." My apology didn't reach him, and he walked off mumbling words in a different language. Weird guy, I thought and went in the opposite direction.

(| o | o | o |)

"I'M SO HAPPY!" Suzuha was practically reaching the roof as much as she jumped around later that evening.

"OK, OK, you got us," Mei said and leaned forward. "What are you so happy about?"

Suzuha grinned and turned towards the girls and me. "You remember Ichikawa Ichigo, right?"

"Ichikawa..." Mei paused. "Oh, that guy! Yeah, we know him." I didn't.

"Well, he came up to me after practice today, and I just let it out." We gave her looks of confusion. "I asked him to the Midnight Dance!"

Kyoko smiled and got up. "Congratulations, Suzuha-san!"

"Yeah, good job! Your taste of men isn't as bad as I thought," Mei said and patted her back a little too hard. Suzuha giggled.

"Mahou." She caught my attention. "Fumina." She caught Fumina's. "Are you having dates for the dance? It is pretty soon."

"Um..." We exchanged looks and lowered our heads.

"What?! You mean you haven't asked anyone?" Mei seemed surprised. "Even Kyoko got herself a date."

"I don't like the way you use me as an example," Kyoko said, "but Mei is right. Without a date, you may not enter."

Fumina looked at them. "Mahou may! She's in the fire group!"

"Not without a date," Mei commented. "Sorry."

"It's the rules of the Midnight Dance," Kyoko said and looked at us sadly.

We sighed and looked down once again.

(| o | o | o |)

Kaya grinned as she managed to make the burning arrow hit its target, the annoying disc of red and white. "Oh yeah! Another score of Kaya!" Erika and Riyoko didn't seem to care, obviously used to Kaya's self-confidence.

Ishida walked over to me with a bow in his left hand, leaning his right against a barrel next to him. "You okay? You seem like you have your ups and downs."

"Does the fire group members have dates for the dance?" I asked all of a sudden.

He shrugged. "It depends. Some of us don't want to go at all, and others just do it. Ringo got asked by a girl yesterday."

"Kaya, Erika and Riyoko?" I questioned.

"They all asked guys. Not afraid of rejection, looking like they do."

Now that he mentioned it, everyone in the fire group looked surprisingly beautiful. Kaya was the kind of tough beauty. Erika was gorgeous, and Riyoko more of the mysterious beauty. Ringo was quite handsome, and Ishida was actually pretty cute.



"Do you have a date for the dance?"

"Are you asking me out?"

"Guess so."

He looked at me and grinned playfully. Giving me a thumbs up, he eagerly said: "You got yourself a date, Koyama!"