Blessed are those who

when the rain comes around,

dance around unabridged as

the tide trickles down

And between the grey sheets

forget the worries of the day

entranced by their whirling

banish living thought away

For the bodies ensconced

deep within the earth

can know not the moisture found

except that which seeps

wormwise from the ground

And the curls of thunder

that beat the sand

white frothed horses gallop

endlessly towards the land

Honored are those who

when the moon floats overhead,

stares unmolested, communing

and after refuses to speak what was said

And the world spins like a top

ever on and away from what we'd like to be

but everyway closer to what we are

and shuttered eyes are forced to see

And the living cannot look

with water for blood, limp and livid

glass marbles for sullen eyes

dust strewn barrens as hearts

mouths stuffed with cotton, muffling sighs

Across the wave of tears and screams

futile gestures and obscene thought

a lancelight sparks, tearing unliving flesh

and undoing all the unliving wrought

Broken are those who

death has foreseen in sunken mind

and reaches with steel wrapped hand

to snap the backs of humankind

and pull down to bony death

a world-weary corpse, devoid

both of soul and living breath

To take that plunge into immortal sea

blue beyond blue, and crushing depth

to wait beyond yawning eternity

Razing haphazard bones, ground into dust

to intermingle with earth and ocean

and coffin-metal soon to rust