This is the story of the last Physical War on Earth . The origins of this war go back many thousands of generations and what exactly started this conflict is lost to the distance of History. Although , the central issues of the long running conflict were religious in nature. The people , as often is the case with conflicts this long had forgotten almost every issue but the hatred of the enemy . this is the story of the last horrific years of that conflict . it became a turning point for human kind after which humanity finely saw the utter pointlessness of armed conflict . Late one summer when tempers were as hot as the weather outside . The peace talks had ended with shouting and a shaking of fists , as they had many times before , but this time those same shaking fists rattled sabers , the rattling soon became a call to arms . The end result of the conflict was the desecration of the planet . I will let the voices from the past speak for themselves because there story needs to be told from there perspectives.

If you want to know my name know that I was the 53rd president of the United States of America . Looking back now , I see how badly I mishandled the terrible situation in the Middle East . My religious beliefs played a bigger part than I wanted to admit at the time . Since my beliefs had a very large impact on my thinking at the time , let me start there . I am a fundamentalist Christian with the expectation of Armageddon in my lifetime . so when the tabernacle was set up on the temple mount , just before Passover . Just as most Christians around the world , I was shocked . It was as if the world of Christians were holding their breath . To the nation of Israel it was the Jewish people as a whole , calmly and quietly reclaiming part of there history and faith . I was elected the year after the tabernacle was erected . what was eventually more shocking to the world was that the tabernacle stood there for five years , before that fateful Sabbath . That Passover Sabbath I knew the world as we all knew it was over . The Israeli government issued a statement after the bombing that it would not give in to fear , and I had taken a hands off approach to the violence . I would mediate and provide neutral ground if they wanted to talk but I insisted that they must solve there own problems . The world was not shocked so much as appalled at the leveling of the temple mount after the horrific bombing and the following statement by the Israeli government " we will no longer hide or be ashamed of our faith . We have hidden in fear while we as a people were murdered persecuted and harassed . No longer will we be divided and weak we will rebuild the temple as a symbol of our faith . Whoever takes action against us will receive exactly the same as they direct at us , we will suffer no more ." as I saw it I could do nothing in the face of this forceful statement . I wanted to avoid the Biblical end of the world , even though I believed it would happen . I was terrified yet my personal path was crystal clear in that moment . I dismissed the secret service agents and went quietly to the national cathedral . I knelt in prayer and all of a sudden I felt it was time to leave , then I saw a white light inside me envelop my inner being . No one saw my body slump forward . I left this world just as anyone could want anonymous and quietly . My body was found several hours after I left it yet for some reason I did not go directly to the pearly gates for judgment . so I stayed and prayed beside my own body that was truly a unique & disquieting experience .When my body was found and taken to the nearest hospital , I stayed with my body mostly because I did not know what else to do . I was identified in short order . The medical examiner tried to find a cause of death and couldn't find any . I found that quite amusing so when the examiner wrote down act of God as the cause of death . I burst out laughing because he wouldn't know how correct he was . As I was laughing my body faded in to nothingness, kind of like an after image on a old television when the power is turned off . This happened in front of the eyes of the medical examiner and the security cameras . I felt another ethereal presence enter the room . I felt love and acceptance radiate from this being who guided me onward this is where my story ends .

My name is unimportant some would spit it as curse , some would say it with reverence . My story is more important than who I was . I am a follower of the Prophet and the Name of God is Allah . The summer of my nineteenth year , the summer of the bomb . Being the destructive person I was , and the talent I had with explosives & incendiaries . The authorities decided that I could serve their interests best with the materials they could provide . They gave me a situation and described the damage they wanted to cause . I would design & build a bomb to do that and more , I would always add or miss something so that it was imperfect , only Allah can make anything perfect . The authorities took my creations and the blood flow started . Every improvement they challenged me to make , I took on with their praise ringing in my ears , determined to strike down all the enemies of Allah . what I didn't Know for almost a year was the first bomb I made for the authorities was detonated by my 12 year old sister . The second through the tenth bombs were detonated by members of my family . I lost many of my friends from school to my creations . When I learned what happened to my sister , I told the Authorities that I would make and detonate one last bomb . I told them that it would be perfect in everyway time , placement , psychological impact every last detail . I even carefully choose what I would wear . The blast pattern was planned carefully even the fail safe timer was set with the utmost care . I was the only imperfect piece in the device the device itself was ingenious 6 separate modes of death chemical agent , Incendiary , two separate biological agents , explosive force , and radiation . This was a weapon to bring a nation to its knees to beg for the mercy of peace at any cost . The last bomb I made I detonated myself a little over 2 years after the first one I made was detonated . The place I chose to detonate my finest creation was the tabernacle on the temple mount on the Sabbath of Passover . The event was to be beautiful in all of its terror . I was wearing a loose fitting course brown robe suitable for a Benedictine monk . I walked with my head down and the hood up as if in prayer . I set down the simple tote bag I was carrying just as I walked into the tabernacle , then slowly all of the horror I had planned unfolded with immaculate precision . first as I walked down the aisle a mist rose up around me fine and smelling of bitter almond . I hear the gasps of fear and shock as some of the people enveloped by the mist fall lifeless from there seats . As I lift my hands to the sky as if in prayer thin ribbons of liquid like fire extend from my fingers setting the tabernacle ablaze . I stare forward I see a young girl who looks like she is about the same age as my beloved little sister , was when she was taken by one of my creations . In that tenuous moment our eyes lock she is a real person to me . All I can do now is plead with my eyes for her to Run . The assembled panic as their fear reaches a fever pitch . I revel in the moment knowing that I will die as fate has said I should . I hope and pray that the little girl gets away . The two canisters in my tote bag launch skyward trailing the powdered agents up to the winds . I shed a tear for the little girl when my eyes clear she is gone . I send a simple prayer after her a few heartbeats after the simple prayer . I set off the blast that rips through the last shreds of the tabernacle . I have set off what looks like a sunset in all of its glory and spectacle , that rises up on a pillar of smoke and ash . The shockwaves were a stunning crescendoing wave of sound , that shakes the very souls of men , even the faithless man seeks God under its assault on the senses . This is where my story ends in a great blast and a blaze of glory . Yet it is only the beginning of the horror inflicted upon the world the horror that I began .

Hello I am the only survivor of the Passover Bombing . You do not need to hear my name to Know , who I am here is my story . I do not know how I survived , but I will tell you what I saw and some of what followed . I was 12 years old that Passover my family and I went to the tabernacle for service . We sat near the front so grandma could hear Rabbi . Service had just started when the stranger entered . I turned around when I heard some of the people behind me mumble about how being late was disrespectful . I saw the stranger he looked like one of the monks from the cover of one of my CDs . Then it seemed that the stranger was walking forward on a cloud the image he created was inspiring , yet frightening at the same time . He stopped midway up the aisle then raised his hands as if in supplication to God . Without warning ribbons of fire snaked from his fingertips . I was so terrified I could not move . All I could do in those moments that seem to be an awful eternity was stare and take in every detail . When I saw his eyes they locked with mine & said one word to me " Run ". Suddenly two canisters erupted skyward . An instant later I saw tear come down his face , that is when I could move , it was if my body was waiting for his permission to move . Then it seemed as though I was being carried a way by the angels . I shimmied under the tent wall of the tabernacle and then I Ran as fast as I could . I was nearing the mosque when I was bowled over by an explosion . I tumbled forward and blacked out , the next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital . Later I saw on T.V. no one else escaped the bombing alive . I was so torn inside because I was glad that I was alive , yet I was shocked and terrified that I was the only one to survive . I wondered what would happen to me then I saw myself on the news the newscaster was asking everyone to pray for me . That is when I found out that I was in a isolation ward . All I knew for sure about my own condition was that I hurt all over and I had some ugly blisters on my arms . The doctors said I had a " nasty " infection and they would do everything they could to get me better . That night when I went to sleep I had a dream . Where grandma and everyone who was at the tabernacle that day even the stranger came to me and asked me to not to give up . They needed to come to me again to give me a message . I woke up 2 days after I went to sleep the doctors rushed in almost as soon as I opened my eyes . The doctors wanted to poke me with needles and run tests , then a protective nurse shooed them away . She asked me if I needed or wanted anything I asked to talk to a Rabbi I want to ask him about something , I saw while I was "asleep" before it fades completely . I ask for some chocolate the nurse says I will see about a Rabbi the chocolate I have got covered , just a moment she leaves the room returns a few minutes later with two chocolate bars . She says " save one for later just don't let the head nurse find it ok ." I nod as I munch on the candy I sign thank you .