Peace, peace, sweet peace,
Where art ye in this troubled world?
As the Greeks of ancient might say:
"All around is the will of Eris swirled."

Let violence cease,
And in its place there be love.
Erase the cries of war,
And replace them with the sweet cooing of many a dove.

Bullet meets bullet,
As sword once met sword,
And our rage remains a beast we never cage,
May peace soon be, to this violence, an everlasting ward.

Violence is in everything we watch,
It's in everything we read,
And it's everywhere we go.
Am I the only one who sees the autrocity in our every deed?

Peace, it is ye this world needs,
Purge it of violence, hatred, and rage.
May we then let our humanity shine,
Rather than staying locked in a cage.

May in this era peace plant its pure seed,
Because an end to violence and war is what we most need.