Sometimes it is hard for me to believe how you reached me

Angling your way deep into my soul as nobody has before

Resistance was not an option when I heard your words

Angels would sing with every word you spoke

Hell itself could not restrain my love

I only wish that it did not have to be this way

Love is forbidden between your heart and mine

Outrage and banishment could only result from it

Vengeance from heaven would reign down

Even the demons would rage against us

You are far too pure for a fallen soul like me

Only angels can have the love of other angels

Utter failure is all I could hope to achieve

My love for you was doomed from the start

Obvious to everybody but me and my heart

Ravings of a mad man would have made more sense

Evil cannot find its way into your heart

Truth and lies have a better chance at forever

Heaven itself has cursed me to be alone

Angels cannot love the demons that lurk below

Nothing can change this, my fate is sealed

Laughter rings out and mocks my attempts for your love

I both love and curse the day I beheld you

For otherwise I would never have fallen for you

Even demons like me can have evil befall them

Into the mists and shadows of this world, I slink

The very depths of hell cannot hide my despair

Sinners all turn and stare at my rage

Even though the rage is directed at only myself

Leave me to my self-hatred and misery

Forever my heart shall belong to you, my angelic love