The Triton City National Reserve. Considered one of the most secure locations on Earth, the reserve held a majority of the world's money. Throughout its history no man had ever been able to breach the building's security.


The explosion could be felt and heard throughout the city. The front of the National Reserve building was reduced to pebbles. Above the fleeing citizen's screams a maniacal laughter could be heard. When the smoke and dust cleared the few people curious enough to stay could see the source of the laughter.

A man in green leather pants stood atop the steps leading up to the rubble that used to be the National Reserve. He wore no shirt, exposing his muscled torso, and had a green metal mask covering his face. "I am Green Terror!" he roared. "You have witnessed the power of myself and my companions: The Brass Fist and C4." Two more men emerged. One dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt. His short hair was the color of fire and his hands were covered in gleaming metal - The Brass Fist. The other wore black head to toe. His face was covered by a gas mask and his wore a band of tubes across his chest - C4.

"We are the unholy trinity of pain!" Green Terror continued. "We are the Triumberant!"

"I believe you mean 'Triumvirate'," a man said from above them.

Green Terror looked up to see a man in a black bodysuit hovering above him. A bright yellow starburst adorned the man's chest. "Who are you?" the green clad madman demanded.

"I am Lightstar and I'm giving you a chance now to cease and desist before anyone gets hurt." Lightstar's hands and eyes began to glow with the light of the sun.

Green Terror laughed. "We are not afraid of you. We're the most powerful crime syndicate in the city."

"You have no idea who you're messing with," The Brass Fist said. "Each of us alone are more powerful then you could ever imagine and there are three of us and only one of you."

"Care to rethink that?" A young woman with bright pink hair flew up beside Lightstar. She wore a pink bodysuit with golden metal bracers on her forearms and calves.

"Who are you? Princess Pink?" The Brass Fist laughed, but didn't look quite as confident as he did moments ago.

"Magenta," the girl answered.

"Well, Magenta," Green Terror said. "Eat lead!" He whipped out an Uzi from behind his back and opened fire.

Magenta saw the gun being brought out and immediately put her hands out in a defensive gesture. The spray of bullets spit from the gun stopped dead in their tracks two feet from her and Lightstar. Green Terror lowered the weapon and stared in astonishment. Magenta dropped her hands and the bullets fell to the ground.

"How...did..." The Brass Fist muttered.

"I'm a manipulator of magnetic fields," Magenta explained. "Your bullets are useless against me."

"Oh yeah?" Green Terror smiled behind his mask. "How about bombs?"

C4, taking his cue, chucked one of the plastic tubes he wore at the crime-fighting duo. Lightstar and Magenta flew off to either side of the explosive.


Concrete showered down on the two, but they were otherwise unharmed. "We tried to be civil about this," Lightstar said from his position above them, "but I see that's not going to work." He thrust his fists out and beams of light shot from them. C4 was struck in the chest and tossed to the ground.

"Fist, get the girl," Green Terror barked. "I got the firefly." He raised his Uzi again and sprayed bullets at Lightstar who ducked and weaved to dodge them.

The Brass Fist, having no weapon to attack his airborne target with, punched the concrete at his feet with his metal-enhanced hand and broke it to pieces. Grabbing up fist-sized chunks he began to hurl them at Magenta. "Come down and fight, Princess!"

Magenta easily dodged the stone projectiles – they were more of a nuisance than a threat. "I'm good up here, thanks."

"Coward!" The Fist pounded the ground again. This time he grabbed a piece of concrete the size of a manhole cover in each hand and hurled them at Magenta. The pink-haired hero spun away from the first one, but couldn't move in time to escape the second. It hit her in the side and she fell ten feet to the National Reserve steps. The Brass Fist seized the opportunity and rushed the fallen girl. "Take this!" he shouted and sent a super powered left hand into her stomach.

"Ooh!" Magenta crumpled to a heap.

The Fist stood over her and chuckled. "That's right, sweetheart – not only do I have these fancy metal hands, I got the heightened strength to go with them."

Magenta coughed and stared at the man towering over her. "Too bad…they didn't give you…brains," she wheezed. "Sending a man with metal hands…to fight a master of magnetism."

The Brass Fist raised his right hand, ready to send it into the girl's pretty face, but his fist froze in mid-air. "Huh?" he looked at his hand. Before he could register what was happening, his fist crashed down into his own face. He fell to the ground unconscious.

"Moron." Magenta dragged herself to her feet.


Magenta turned to the sound behind her and her eyes fell on a plastic tube rolling to a stop not three feet from her. "Shoot!" she cried and tried to fly away. The bomb went off before she could get completely out of its range and the blast tossed her through the air. She hit the ground hard and didn't get up.

"Magenta!" Lightstar yelled as he saw his comrade fall to the recuperated C4's bomb. The distraction threw him off guard and a bullet tore into his thigh. He fell to the ground with a shout of pain and surprise. He grabbed his leg and a wave of fiery pain shot through his body.

Green Terror approached his fallen foe. "Sorry, bud, the heroes don't win in this movie." He lifted the Uzi to Lightstar's head and pulled the trigger.


The gun was empty. "Bah! No worry." He tossed the gun aside. "Now you'll witness the true might of Green Terror." He reached a hand towards Lightstar's throat, but the hero lifted a hand and blasted Terror in the face.

"Augh!" Green Terror stumbled back, grabbing his face.

Lightstar sat himself up and inspected the damage to his leg. From the looks of it the bullet had only grazed him. Blood spilled from the wound, but he didn't think it would keep him out of action for long. He struggled to his feet and winced as he tried to put pressure on his injured leg.

"Star man got a boo-boo?" Lightstar didn't notice that The Brass Fist was back up. Before he could react The Fist punched him in the jaw, dropping him like a weight.

"Good job, Fist." Green Terror held a steadying hand to his head. His metal mask had absorbed most of Lightstar's blast, but it still knocked him for a loop. "But we've wasted too much time with these clowns – we need to get into the vaults."

They rejoined C4 at the top of the steps and headed into the National Reserve. Lightstar and Magenta had thrown off their original plans, but they would just have to make do and work faster – Green Terror was already rerunning the calculations in his head. He could hear sirens in the distance. They were supposed to be gone before the police ever arrived.

"Uh…boss?" The Brass Fist stopped and pointed to ahead. Green Terror followed his gaze and saw another man standing between them and their gold.

This man wore a blue body suit with white ripple designs flowing from his neck to his waist. His shaggy, brown hair was kept out of his eyes with a blue headband and a roguish smile played at his lips.

"We don't have time for this," Green Terror sighed. "C4, dispose of him."

C4 grabbed a bomb from his chest and threw it at the newcomer. The man simply waved his hand and the bomb flew away and exploded in the air, causing no damage to anyone or anything.

"I see you were lucky enough to get past Lightstar and Magenta, but let me tell you; I'm a whole different story." The man puffed out his chest in pride. "The name's Brainwave." He gave them a sweeping bow. "Telekinetic extraordinaire."

"Step aside. We've already proved you jokers are no match for us," Green Terror said.

"Tell you what," Brainwave said. "You seem to be the ringleader of this circus so I'll make you an offer. If you can get through me I'll let you into the bank and let you do whatever you please."

Green Terror ran it through his head. "You and me? One-on-one?"

"You and me. One-on-one," Brainwave said.

The "Triumberant's" leader chuckled. "You're gonna regret this." With a furious battlecry he charged the young man standing before him.

Brainwave waited till the last second to react. Using his telekinetic powers he lifted himself over Green Terror's charging form and flipped forward in a somersault to bring his heel crashing into the back of Terror's neck. It was like kicking a brick wall, but it knocked his enemy off balance. Brainwave landed on his feet, favoring the not-sore left one.

Green Terror got to his feet. Brainwave raised his arms above his head, lifting Terror into the air. "Ever want to fly?" He smiled and threw his arms out. Green Terror flew through the air and slammed into a wall inside The National Reserve.

"Hey, Brain-boy!" Brainwave turned just in time to watch a golden-brown, metal fist fly to his face.


Stars burst through Brainwave's vision as he spun and fell to his knees. The Brass Fist kicked him in the ribs then punched him in the stomach. The wind flew from Brainwaves body and his vision blurred as he lay in a crumpled ball. "See what happens when you try to play hero?" He picked up his opponent by the collar and punched him in the face.

Brainwave couldn't concentrate long enough to utilize his telekinesis. He was helpless at the hands of his attacker. "Give him here," Green Terror, back on his feet, said. The Brass Fist punched the hero again and tossed him to his leader. Terror sent his metal-helmet head into Brainwave's face. The blue-and-white clad man fell to the ground. "And now to send a message to all the other would-be heroes out there." Green Terror raised his foot over Brainwave's head.


A beam of light hit Terror squarely in the chest and knocked him flat on his back. The Brass Fist and C4 turned to see Lightstar and Magenta had recovered. "Get the girl!" The Fist barked and dove for Lightstar.

"Be careful," Lightstar said to Magenta as she flew off to meet the gas-masked madman.

"Don't worry about me, bright eyes."

Lightstar directed his attention back to The Brass Fist. His leg felt better already, but he used his powers to levitate himself and take the pressure off his injured limb. He fired an energy blast, but Fist dodged and continued the charge, quickly closing the gap between them. He fired another blast that was dodged again. There was no time for another shot.

"Argh!" The Brass Fist swung a vicious right hook. Lightstar was quick enough to dodge and used his good leg to kick Fist in the ribs then dove back to avoid another swing. "Don't think you can get away from my, lightning bug," the feisty red-head said.

"You might want to move a little faster if you don't want me getting away," Lightstar taunted. He flew back ten feet to avoid another punch and shot another energy blast. It hit its target, knocking him down. He wanted to help Magenta, but The Brass Fist was already climbing to his feet.

"So what's with the mask?" Magenta said as she flew around C4. Her body ached from the beating she'd taken so she kept a safe distance between herself and the thieves. Her magnetic powers held no effect against C4's plastic pipe bombs, but in the air she could easily avoid them. That didn't stop him from trying, though.

He's causing too much collateral damage, she thought to herself. The concrete steps of the Reserve building were almost completely destroyed and the landscape surrounding the building was riddled with craters. I have to stop this. She looked around for something she could use against her attacker. She found what she was looking for in a piece of rebar that had been blasted out of the steps. Dodging another bomb she concentrated her magnetic powers on the metal bar and lifted it from the rubble. It was roughly ten feet long. Perfect, she thought.

C4 was readying another explosive when Magenta swung the bar and caught him in the head. She manipulated the bar and twisted it around C4's body, trapping his arms to his body. He struggled to free himself, but C4 was hopelessly bound.

"One down," Magenta said to herself and turned to Lightstar. He seemed to be handling his own against The Brass Fist. She turned to see where the other villain had run off to. "Where'd he go?" she asked Brainwave as he climbed to his feet.

"Beats me," he groaned. "I've kinda been out of action for a minute."

"Well here's the update. Bomber boy is taken care of and Lightstar looks like he's just playing with the other guy." They watched Lightstar fly circles around The Brass Fist hitting him with energy shots.

"Lightstar!" Magenta shouted "We have to go, quit playing."

Lightstar looked a little downtrodden, but knew she had a point. With one last powerful blast he knocked The Fist to the ground, out cold. Magenta used another piece of rebar to bind him.

"Two down, one to go," Brainwave said.

"Take to the skies. Find him," Lightstar ordered and shot upward. Magenta and Brainwave followed suit. They had a much better view from up here, but still saw no sign of Green Terror.

"Did you guys let him get away?" Brainwave asked.

"Says the guy who was knocked out," Magenta shot back. Brainwave had no retort.

"There!" Lightstar pointed to the hole that had been blasted into the side of the building. Green Terror came running out carrying a duffle bag full of money and gold bars. The three heroes descended and encircled the masked criminal.

"You really should've ran when you had the chance." Brainwave chuckled.

The police arrived a few minutes later to find Green Terror, The Brass Fist, and C4 tied together at the bottom of the ruined steps of The National Reserve.