Author's Note: So this is the first story that I've written in a long, long time that hasn't been a story written for school. I decided that I wanted to get back in the writing game. I own the characters and the plot. I would love some feedback on the story. Whether you love it, hate, want more of it, ect. I think that's all that I have to say for right now. So enjoy the story!

"I'm pregnant."


"I'm pregnant."


"Bun in the oven. Knocked up. Expecting. If you want me to keep going, I can."

"No, no, no. You don't have to keep going. But, how?"

"Dakota, I know that you aren't that stupid. When a man and a woman love each other very, very much, or in our case, when a man and a woman are very horny and just want to have se-"

"Shut up. I know /how/ it happened. I just...I guess I'm kind of in shock."

"You aren't the only one."


"That about sums it up."

All it took was two simple words to change Dakota Matthews life. He went from being a fun loving teenager who didn't give a shit about anything to a soon to be father. A kid that played video games and skateboarded on the weekends to reading baby books and picking out furniture. An immature boy who loved to rebel against his parents to a mature man who had to worry about how he was going to buy diapers for his child. A complete 180.

And it was all because of a one night stand with one of his best friends.

It had all started at some random party that Dakota and his best friend, Madison, had been at. It was a typical high school party. Music blaring, bowls of chips and pretzels everywhere, and red, plastic cups filled with beer, vodka, tequila, and any other kind of alcohol that could be imagined.

Dakota hadn't even wanted to go, but Madison had drug him out of the house, telling him that he needed to socialize more. It wasn't like he was a hermit or anything. He would have just rather stayed at home, hanging out with his friends. He didn't need to go out and get drunk to have fun.

But that night was different. Instead of staying away from alcohol like he usually did, he was drinking everything that was being handed to him. And he didn't even care what it was. If it was in a red, plastic cup, he was drinking it down. And before long, he was wobbling slightly, leaning up against the wall for support.

He had been talking to some random guy about...Well, it didn't really matter what they were talking about. It was probably the weather or the music that was playing. It didn't really matter though. Because about half-way through the conversation, Madison was coming up to him, equally as drunk. She was touching him everywhere that she could, giggling softly as she whispered in his ear. And before either of them could blink, they were in a random bathroom, half-dressed.

The next morning, the two woke up with pounding headaches and no recollection of what had happened the night before. Not that it took too long to figure out. When they were both able to focus, they realized that they were naked in bed together. The two didn't freak out as much as someone would have thought. Waking up to your best friend was better than waking up next to some random stranger that you nothing about.

The two agreed that they were never going to talk about it again. That it was a one time thing and no one needed to know that they slept together. It was for the best. If they told anyone, they knew that they would only get teased mercilessly and that was really something that they didn't want to happen.

Though, that was obviously not how things actually worked out.

About three months after the night, the two found out that they were going to have a baby soon. Which is when the two of them freaked out. Neither of them knew what they were going to do. They were young and didn't exactly know how to raise a baby. They weren't really ready to raise a baby. They had to graduate high school. Go off to college and get jobs. Their plans didn't involve having a baby.

Especially when Madison's parents found out. They were totally against the two having the baby. So as long as she didn't keep it, they didn't care what she did with the baby. But even then, both of them knew that no matter how young they were and how a baby didn't fit into their plans, they couldn't get rid of it. They couldn't kill an innocent baby that may grow up into the next president or the person who cured cancer.

So Dakota had to make the hardest choice of his life. He decided that he was going to raise the baby on his own. Of course, his parents had agreed to help him out with the baby. Help pay for diapers and formula. And his mother offered to baby-sit while he was at school. But even though he had his parents help, he wanted to do this on his own. Prove that he was responsible enough to take care of a baby on his own.

Now it's two years later and Dakota would like to say that he's doing a good job taking care of his son, Nash Elliot Matthews. The little boy is Dakota's pride and joy. But even though he loves his son to pieces, it hasn't been an fifteen months for him. Between raising Nash, finishing high school and starting college, he's barely had anytime for himself. He's barely had time for love. Not that he's really looking. He wants to find that right person, but he doesn't actually see himself falling in love anytime soon.

But just like two years ago, Dakota's life is about to get turned upside down once again.