Asbestos sheets strive to shield

A darkening sky shot with neon lights.

Like rainbow bullets on a bloodless battlefield.

She's no stranger to the clamor of swords.

Traded insults everyday. Blackmailing her with

The promise of love. A bargain for the feel of

Silver on his fingertips, the taste of oil betwixt his lips.

She's no stranger to defeat and disgrace. She falters every time.

When the signal goes emerald, and the wheels accelerate.

A glint of red, silver and gold. She dodges them, like she

Escapes the shame with premature nicotine.

Sometimes her heart expands with helium when she sees a child smile.

Holding on to balloon strings tightly at first and letting them go.

She sees her sorrows fly to the sky, with the thousand sisters of the waning moon.

Dreams sew her velvet tatters together into a party dress, and paint her zebra crossings scarlet.

She knows she'll find fame one day. Someday.