What you've got to understand, before reading any more of this story, is that at Maclare Secondary School, there are only two groups of people that truly matter. They're known by absolutely everyone, and are truly the Gods and Goddesses of the school. If you had to put a label on them, it would be popular, but if you actually said that, it would be an extreme understatement, for they are so much more.

The Gods consist of three guys who more than live up to their name. Exceptionally high grades while barely trying and without a doubt the most gorgeous guys to ever set foot on the surface of the Earth. Jason and Jake, the playful twins, have reddish-brown hair and warm blue eyes that mesmerize everyone around them. Then of course there's Lucian with his extremely dark brown hair, and piercing green eyes that can get just about anyone to bend to his will. In addition to that, they have complete control of the school. If they talk to you, you're instantly popular; if they mock you, you'll wish you were dead; and if they don't talk to you, you don't exist.

Now the Goddesses consist of three equally intelligent and beautiful girls. These outstanding girls are each best at something. There is absolutely no room for argument, because put simply, they are the greatest. First there's Tiffany, the queen of all sports. If she's playing, there's no question as to who will win. Then there's Stephanie, the genius, and owner of the highest marks in the history of Maclare Secondary's centuries of education. Last but not least, there's Annalisa, musical prodigy extraordinaire. Not only does she excel at six instruments, she also has an amazing singing voice. On top of that, she throws the best parties in the district. Of course, being who they are, they possess just as much influence as the Gods.

At this point in time, you're probably thinking about how absurd this all sounds, right? How can these six people hold so much power over everyone else? Well the truth is, how doesn't matter. The only thing that does matter is that they do. You know the saying "the world doesn't revolve around you"? It's true, it doesn't, because it's much too busy revolving around them. A simple truth of life, now you either accept it and hope to be liked by them like everyone else, or you oppose them, and get prepared for the worst experience of your life, because if you oppose them, you oppose everyone. If you think you can rally up enough people to overthrow them, you're sadly mistaken. Even the person you thought was your best friend will turn on you in the face of their wrath.

Now that the introductions are over and done with, let's begin our story of the bloody battle between these two crazily exceptional groups. Okay, so maybe it wasn't bloody at all, but it sure was one hell of a battle.

A/N: Okay, so I've reposted this story. I made a ton of changes to it, because I made the characters two years ago, and things have changed since then. xD

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