Lies in the Light

KC DarkFire

Running, that's all I seem to do anymore…I don't remember what I was running from, but I know whatever is chasing me has been doing so for a long time now. I really should rest now, maybe I can…wait, no, I can't stop now…never stop. He's too close…oh gods, he's way too close!

Chapter 1 The Game Brother Plays

A scream tore through the still hotel room, where two people were resting after a weary day's travel. Of the two occupants in the room, one male the other female, they both jumped up out of fear. The woman, soaked in sweat and panting heavily, had terror in her pale eyes. "I…that dream again, the one where I was being chased by Him."

The man hurried to her side, shaking slightly from the statement, "He went after you again," leaving for a moment to get her a glass of water, he continued, "that's the third time this week, hell Punk, it's the tenth time this month."

"A wonderful observation, Brother, but it still don't tell me…us why," she accepted the water and took a long swallow, "he chose me."

If one wonders, the pair are siblings, similar in look and attitude, but different in temperaments. The woman is tall, roughly six-foot, with boy cut hair the color of the midnight sky. Eyes of pale gray, that appears silver when inflamed for various reasons. The man is roughly the same height, somewhat taller, with broad shoulders and long ringlet hair of dark oak coloring. His eyes are similar to his sister's, though they appear more blue than gray.

"I don't think its him choosing you that we need to worry about," he spoke up after a long moment. Both looked worried, knowing that they were both right; her curiosity was stirred along with the lingering fear. "Punk, get that look off your face, the last thing we need is for you to nearly get caught by him again. Hell, I'm scared that he might catch you the next time ya try."

"Big brother," she whispers, "the last thing I want is to be caught, but I have to know why; I know the hazards, but you can't tell a cat to stop snooping." A slight smile appears on his face, a ghost of a thought shining in his eyes, "And you can't just lock the cat up either," they both laugh at her comment.

They are rattled from their conversation when his phone rang, the male walked out to the balcony for the call, while the woman headed into the bathroom. A bath would do me good, but there isn't enough time before the game starts. After quick shower and wash, and out the door the two went, both dressed for a cold time indoors. "Well off to another win bro, right?"

"Five minutes left in the period, and the Guns are in the lead with three scores to the Brahmas' one. You gotta believe that the Guns are going to have another win added to their streak." The arena was packed, the fans screaming and cheering for their team; booing the Guns for the defeat they were sure to suffer. No one could deny that the goalie for the Guns was on his A-game tonight, especially his number one fan, his sister. This pair ofgoalie and fan is the pair of siblings being followed by the unknown man in the sister's dreams. Of course, they are the only ones who know that here. To the crowd, they are a mainstay in minor league hockey in Texas.

"That's right! Cowboy is on his game tonight, with 30 shots on goal and only one snaking past him. We can only be amazed that the man is still as fast as he was ten years ago."

"Kev! Cover the puck, cover the damn puck!" His sister yelled through glass, knowing that he was going to do that even if she did not yell.

"Do you always have to yell at him Cali?" A woman beside her repeats for the third time during this game. Cali, the sister, laughs at her and shakes her head only to yell again at one of the opposing players skidding into the net. " Every game you get out here and scream at the top of your lungs, bang on the glass, and have been nearly thrown out of the game tonight. Why don't you sit down for the last two minutes and just enjoy the game?"

"Jessie, how are you when Randy is out there playing and is being double…"

"What the hell was that!" The two women screamed at the referee who glared at them, but forgoes calling the blatant penalty against the Brahmas.

The final Buzzer goes off; the teams line up to slap hands while the two women head to their team's locker room. "The guys were awesome out there tonight. That makes wha, nine straight wins?"

Cali answered, "Yep. Season wise we're twelve and four with one tie! I'm proud of the guys, but I wish the team would find another goalie so that bro doesn't have to be out every game. He's not as young as he used to be."

They hear a laugh from behind them "sounds like you don't think I can do it?" Kev threw his arm around his sister's shoulder, "I'm just as healthy and flexible now as I was at twenty."

"I call your bullshit brother dear," she says slowly, "we both know that you hurt more than you use to, you stay in more often than going out with the guys, and you tend to enjoy staying in hotels instead of driving to and from home for each game."

He glares at her, "okay so maybe I'm getting older, doesn't mean we need another goalie."

"Cowboy you reek man! Go and shower before it starts to stick to the girls clothes!" Randy, Jessie's husband and the teams main Right Wing Defender, spoke up from behind Kev. Both girls laughed along with him as Kev smirked and started to remove his pads. "Whoa! Ladies, get out of here before you're blinded by the guys nudity," encouraged another laugh from them.

The two women left the team to their locker room only to wait outside the door for their respective males to finish.

The first Chapter of the sequel to Night of Passion; I've been working on it and am starting chapter five pretty soon. Rating will go up later on.

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