Lies in the Light

KC DarkFire

Running, that's all I seem to do anymore…I don't remember what I was running from, but I know whatever is chasing me has been doing so for a long time now. I really should rest now, maybe I can…wait, no, I can't stop now…never stop. He's too close…oh gods, he's way too close!

Chapter 3 Innocence

Cali's eyes opened to see a similar pair of eyes staring down at her, "him again," the only words he speaks. She stretches, attempting to silence her nerves, flexing her body like a cat and yawning.

"I don't remember. There was a field with a pond in the center, it was raining…that's all I remember." A thoughtful look crosses her young face, "I felt the rain; it was cold, nice really. It was cloudy, close to night or early in the morning."

Kev's eyes lightened, though his mood seemed to darken, "you don't remember anything else? Kitty, you were thrashing like you were trying to get away from someone." After she shrugged her shoulders, he continued, "I worry about you Punk."

Smiling slightly, she rubbed her face. "I know you are, but I don't remember anything else. Now why am I waking up at," she looked at the alarm clock, "seven in the morning?"

"I want to head out to the shooting range that's here, I would enjoy it if you came with me." Blinking, she yawned and glared at him, "I'm worried and would prefer it if you went with us."

"Us? Who is us?" Swallowing he opened his mouth a few times but said nothing, "Eagle, who else is going with you? Is it a girl? Aw, you're blushing; it is a girl!"

"Cal! I'm just showing someone how to shoot a shotgun, yes it's a woman, but I'm not interested in her." Turning his back on her, he threw on his t-shirt, "she wants to see how a woman does it too, so I figured it would be good for you to go."

Raising her body up, she glared at him, "I'm not really in the mood Kev, I'm tired. I would prefer to sleep in; plus, I don't want to ruin your date. Where did you meet her?"

Huffing, he shoved his foot into his boot, "what happen to you in your dream?"

"I don't remember anything else!"

"Fine, there is no need to get mad at me, I just worry—you know that. She's from the ice center I teach at, one of my student's moms, and she heard that I was playing out here and asked if I wanted to go shooting with her. I don't like her, so get that annoying look off of your face. The only reason I agreed was to get her to leave me alone, she's divorced his father and is rebounding."

"Why do you want me there?"

"I…am…umm, scared of her." She looked skeptical, "Cal, the woman is freaky and looks like a trashy Barbie doll. Plus, I want you close to me, ya know- just in case."

"Just go on without me, I'll call you every hour so that you don't have to worry as much and enjoy being Barbie's new Ken doll, though I hope you have the junk that he doesn't." A joke that rolls off the tongue well, but is known as a cover for her shaky nerves. "I'll be fine Kev, I'm going to slept a little bit longer, then surf the net until I'm bored and then we have the Playstation so I can play that."

Disbelief was etched on his face, "are you sure? I can cancel and stay in, or we can go back home; I don't like the idea of you being alone." A pointed look made him sigh, "please, I'm worry about you and afraid of that woman- she stares at me when the kids have a game; it's disturbing and annoying."

"I'm a big girl, Bub, and apparently you're a big boy. We can take care of ourselves for a few hours in the least. I'll sleep, you'll go and deal with the creepy life-size doll then we can have lunch when you get back. Simple, easy, and good enough for me." She coved herself back up and rolled onto her side only to have Kev place a hand on her shoulder.

"Are you sure this is good for you? What if he comes back; what if you can't wake up on your own." His worry is well placed; over the last month, Cali had not been able to wake herself from the dreams.

Turning over to face him, Cali gave him a soft look that spoke a volume in a simple action. I love you, and am happy you care. "I'll be fine; I will call you every hour starting at eight-thirty, if I don't call me. Your call tone wakes me up every time. I promise, I won't do anything without you here, I will be good and stay safe as possible. Now go and meet ya creepy hockey mom and let me sleep." Smiling they hugged and she turned over to go back to sleep, while he left to deal with the Barbie from hell.

Cali slept soundly for some time before the man showed up once again, this time however he stayed quiet and observed her interactions with the persons of her dream. In this she was in a library, back to her younger self of ten years. Jeans and black t-shirt adorn her, but oddly missing was a pair of shoes.

I wish I could reach the book on Greek Mythology, she thinks while reaching as high as she can, attempting to grab the large hardcover book on the tallest shelf. Could anyone help me here? Hello, the girl walks to a man who one can only assume to be the librarian, can you get me a book sir?

The librarian, does not answer her, he doesn't even look at her. When this happens to any child, dream or real, it hurts them. Cali, not recognizing that this is a dream, reverts back to a child-like response; sir? Please, can you help me? Sir! Pouting and nearly in tears she walked away.

The man watched her small fit with hungry eyes, in so many dreams he has been this close to her younger self, a girl who has no knowledge of anything that could go bad in her dreams. Year upon year, he has watched her through her dreams, seldom did he see much more than her personal fantasies; that is to say until her fourteenth birthday.