Baby opens his hungry mouth
as dad gives him a much needed bite.
Mom's eyes open with excitement
as baby finds amusement at the TV.

Face of Mom, Dad's hair—
the resemblances are so cute!
I watch as baby steals the show again,
yearning for another bite of food.

Wonder what my kids will look like…?
Will they be cute like this one?
Or am I to have the one babe
who everyone considers to be not comely?

Will I have the angels of the decade
and will they love me as I love them?
Will I even love them as I should?
Or will I be one of the heartless moms?

I'm sure I'd love their innocent looks,
especially if they were anything like their dad.
I'm sure I'd love their tiny hands
as fingers curl around mine, trusting I'm there.

But all this isn't set in stone,
and I still have a chance to make certain
my babies will have the mom they deserve;
one to hold them with a loving smile always.

I watch as the happy trio walks away.
Mom grabs her son, as he giggles at being held
and Dad picks up the remnants of dinner.
They'll walk around the corner to leave.

It doesn't need to be imagined, or questioned,
how that baby will be loved—for he will be.
Loving and caring mom, strong and careful dad,
they drive away, baby giggling happily in his seat.