A/N: #6 of the 52. A combination of three different kinds of poetry: palindromic, form, and acrostic. The left side of the butterfly (which looks much more like a butterfly before being uploaded, if anybody can help with editing more accurately on this site, I would much appreciate a private message with said help) is read from right to left, and is the exact same as the right side read from B to Y.

.seilfrettuB Youthful.
,mraws deifinU Like thoughts
,kcolf gnicnad ,gnispiarT Flitting here and there
dniw eht ni yleerf gnilevarT Running from responsibilities
.erehwyrevE Everywhere.
,seitilibisnopser morf gninnuR Traveling freely in the wind
ereht dna ereh gnittilF Traipsing, dancing flock.
.sthguoht ekiL Unified, swarm.
.lufhtuoY Butterflies