The golden sunlight radiated off my naked skin

I smiled, and smoothed out the snow white pillow my head was resting on

Another morning, in another resting place

But one of the best mornings yet

His arm was on my stomach, and I felt his breathing on my neck

He's young, possibly still in high school

His hair was black and flaky

His naked skin a dark ivory

It felt heaven, but also not

This was not intended to feel like heaven

I must leave

And I must leave quickly

I watched him as I dressed

Still sound asleep

The windows of his beautiful soul, closed

And his expression seemed different, almost happy

He was just another one of them

I told myself, before pulling the duvet up to his chin

I must leave before he awakens

Before he might want more, of the real me

Although, he was an entirely different soul

I thought to myself while walking down the street

It was like he was trying to be nice to me

And not only for one thing

It's my work, and I mustn't fall in love

It does not exist in my world

It may in his

But I'm already gone


Please tell me if this poem was a good idea? And what you thought! Pretty please...