Made: Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time: 12:30am

She stays up at night

Dark causing her fright

Thoughts swarming her mind

Of things not too kind

A voice echoes to her

So very many words

And so she does what she's told

As the moon grows old

She hates herself

And all she's about

Never knows what to do

And nobody has a clue

Her voice is cut off

Before she even starts

She has too much to say

And there's too little day

It's hard not to see

What she has come to be

But they'll all keep pretending

That her life isn't ending

All she needs is a word

Something to comfort her

Because as much as she wants

She can't be upfront

Will never speak up

Will always be in this rut

Her mind is closed

Heart felled from her hold

And her eyes get watery

But no one will see

How much pain she is in

Or how much time she spends

So very much alone

In her asylum, her home

But she'll never cry

Not even as time passes her by

She makes it so obvious

But they all feign ignorance

And believe it or not

When she did speak up

No one listened to a word

Not in the entire world

They all turned a blind eye

To the girls' cry

They all turned a deaf ear

To the girl's fear

So the girl, so innocent

Died in her forced silence.