Made: Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time: 8:15pm

I love somebody now

Yeah, known him for a while

But I shouldn't love him

Should I?

I don't deserve to

Do I?

No, I broke your heart and

Stomped on it

Until it turned to dust

Then I just walked away

Why is that?

I can't answer that myself


I do know however

That this new one

This new poor soul my heart has chosen

Does not love me back

And it's like he's using me

And for every one I fall

In so-called love with

Never feels the same back

But I deserve this

Don't I?

Maybe this is punishment

This is what I deserve

For doing that to you


But I thought I had a reason

For breaking your heart

Because you taught me a lesson

That there are no

Heroes left in this world

Comic books are just that

And they can be burned

Just like hearts can be broken

Just like I did to yours

Because I thought I had a reason

But I guess I didn't

I guess I lied to

Myself and to others and to you

So I guess this is payback

The universe is on your side

I hurt you

For no reasons at all

Except for those I made up

Or so I guess

So now

Whenever I set my sights on someone

They can never love me

As I loved you once

Because I don't deserve it

Do I?