Meanwhile in Paris

Hazel had always loved Paris, it might be corny and clichéd but she felt like there was something magical in the Parisian air, and she was a woman who knew a thing or two about magic, what with her being a witch and all.

For Valentine's Day, her wonderful husband – also a wizard - took her and their baby for a weeklong stay in Paris. Many people often thought that Greg was rather cold and not very romantic, but those people didn't know him well. He wasn't as outwardly demonstrative as some people -as she herself was – but Greg loved her, she knew that with every beat of her heart.

Having made it to Paris, Greg was busy inspecting the suite and making sure everything was as he had requested – taking especial care with the crib where their baby was to sleep during their stay in Paris – so Hazel decided to do a little inspecting of her own, wandering toward the terrace which boasted one of the best views of the Parisian skyline in the whole city.

"Look at that, Chris," She said, angling the baby so he could see the view, even though Chris was only a few months old and barely able to distinguish what was in front of his face, let alone take in the view. "You have to admit, Daddy has good taste when it comes to hotels, doesn't he?"

Baby Chris simply blew a couple of bubbles – his newest trick – and rested his little head against his mother's chest, letting her voice lull him to sleep.

Since Greg was still tormenting the hotel's staff, Hazel sat down in one of the terrace chairs, cradling the precious weight of her baby against her chest and adjusting his little hat, thankful that they had kept their coats on since it was turning chilly outside.

With a smile on her lips, Hazel couldn't help but remember the first time she had seen Paris, when she was just 17 and she and Greg were something new. It had been the summer when Logan had gotten his operation and the whole family had moved to London for the season -since the surgeon didn't want to operate across the pond – it had not been fun and games. Logan's surgery had been complicated and the physical therapy that came later was brutal.

So, when they were ready to pack up their London apartment -and Logan was already starting to wobble about with a walker - Greg had decided to take Hazel to Paris for a long weekend.

"Paris is but a few hours away, and Hazel has never seen it." Greg argued with his mother who was reluctant to let them go by themselves to Paris.

"Let them go, Mom," Logan said. "Just make sure Hazelnut goes along, you can't wish for a better chaperone."

The Squirrel-in-Question, Hazelnut, chose that moment to show up, mostly hoping someone was eating cookies and that someone would give him one, but when Hazelnut saw Greg, he stopped to glare a little bit.

Mrs. Scott laughed, "I guess you're right, Logan."

"So, can I take her away?" Greg asked.

"Fine, but I will make the reservations, and be calling, constantly at all hours!"

Greg rolled his eyes, as if he was going to spend the whole weekend ravishing Hazel or something, sure, ravishing was a bit in the itinerary but he really wanted to show her the city.

Hazel could barely sit still on the ride over to Paris, they had decided to fly since Hazel's head spun when she thought about being in the train that connected London to Paris, which happened to be underground and undersea, and that freaked her out. Greg amused herself looking at Hazel, he had been to Paris a few times – shopping with his mother when he and Logan were kids and with Josh to celebrate their 18th birthdays a few years ago – but it was different with her. She made him see everything in color, everything painted with a dash of excitement.

Once they made it to their hotel, Hazel was happily bouncing from room to room of their spacious suite while Greg bullied and bribed the hotel's staff expertly, to make sure his mother didn't find out that he had changed the reservations so he and Hazel were sharing a room.

"So," Greg said when Hazel finally stopped jumping on the bed. "Where to first? Do you want to go for lunch? Or we can skip lunch and head for dessert..."

"Or we can, you know..." Hazel said, patting the bed space next to her.

"Take a nap?" Greg said, lying down next to her and cuddling her close.

Hazel kissed him. "Maybe later, if you're tired." She laughed.

"How generous of you," Greg said.

"I know,"

Even though Hazel really liked sleeping with him, she was not to be cheated out of seeing the city, and she dragged Greg about as she and Hazelnut -who, it turned out, was also bribable, if said bribe came in the form of succulent French pastry confections – trying to eat their way though Paris's best cake shops. Greg also took her to the Luxemburg gardens, the Eiffel Tower and the museums. He even took her to the Pari Roller – the skating tour that went through Paris streets every Friday night – though Hazel wasn't that good a skater, he made sure she was safe and used a touch of magic to make sure her skates didn't cause any accidents.

During their last night, they decided to stay in and go to bed early. Greg said he wanted to take advantage of the fact that he simply slept better when Hazel was next to him, he had never been one to cuddle until he had met her and now it was natural to him, which was why he was pretty annoyed when, in the middle of the night, one of the windows of their room began to bang open and close, waking him up.

Grumbling, Greg got out of bed to close it, being quiet about it as to not to wake up Hazel. He did take a moment to watch her sleep, though, her dark hair was spilled all over and she was hugging the blanket to herself, tucking it under her chin. He didn't know how long he stood there, watching her until Hazel began to blink herself awake.

"Greg?" She mumbled sleepily, letting go of the blanket to search the space next to her.

"Coming, sweetheart." He said, coming to her and slipping under the covers.

Hazel immediately threw and arm and a leg over him, holding him as if he were a favorite teddy bear and making him move until he was laying just so and she had found her favorite spot on his shoulder to lay her head.

"You're a little tyrant, you know that?" Greg whispered into her hair.

"Yup, and you love me anyway." She sighed contentedly.


"What are you thinking of?"

Greg's voice brought Hazel out of her trip down memory lane, Hazel smiled up at him. "Just thinking of the first time you brought me here."

Greg smiled and kissed her forehead, picking up their baby carefully so he wouldn't wake up. "Come inside, sweetheart, it's cold."

"I was also wondering what Hazelnut might be up to just now."

"Driving Logan crazy, probably." Greg said with just a tad too much glee in his voice, happily aware that Hazelnut and Logan didn't get along all that well.

Hazel laughed at his tone, hugging his waist, mindful not to jostle Baby Chris, who DID NOT like being awaken, and kissing him softly, loving her husband so much she couldn't help to be so thankful that some happy endings were truly ever after.