Chapter 1: Frozen Dark

--Central Massachusetts 9:17pm, Monday--

I smiled and waved to Paige and Logan on the way out of work. It was past 9 at night, and my never-ending shift had finally ended, after 8 and a half long hours. Logan was wearing his jacket, and tossing his key ring in the air with one hand as he chatted with Paige from the doorway to the CSM office. He had clearly just gotten off as well. Paige, the night manager, was sitting at the desk doodling on the desk calendar, which wasn't actually hers, but the customer service manager, Lisa's. She would white out over it at the end of the day, and had done this so many times that by now the page was four or more times thicker than it once had been.

"You in tomorrow?" Paige asked me casually.

"Yeah, see you then." She waved, and I started to walk away once more. Logan called out after me though, and I paused.

"If you wait a minute, I'll walk you out! Its dark out, no moon tonight." Logan offered this all the time, no moon or full moon. He acted worried for my safety, but we both knew better. I was not the type who needed to be walked to her car if it got too dark out. I was quite capable of managing most things on my own, and I was as strong as most of the men there. I had once taken in 16 carriages from the parking lot, 8 in each hand, just to prove to the guys in the lot at the time that I could do double what they could. Logan knew I was capable, but he liked me. We had gone on one date, months earlier (back when it was still warm out, not 5 below 0), and I hadn't felt the connection. I made up some excuse about not being ready for a relationship to get out of a second date, but since then he seemed eager to keep on my good side, so that as soon as I was "ready" for a relationship, he could be the one I picked.

"That's alright, I can manage" I told him quickly. I waved my last good-bye, and then ran for the door. I took note of the carriage corals in the building as I left, all full, even though no one had been outside for a half hour. There had literally only been one customer in the entire last hour I was at work, making it go by incredibly slow. I shook my head as I walked out the door, thinking about the hellish night at work. Bitchy shift leader, stuck up cashier, and I was bagging for the last few hours, not that there were any customers that needed bagging for.

I had parked in the back lot, the "Employee lot" as it were. There were no street lamps, and the tiny light on the side of the building didn't quite reach my car on the other side of the lot. Logan was right, it was quite dark out; I had to press the automatic unlock button on my keychain as I walked over to see my car clearly. It lit up the inside light, at least. I went around to the passenger side to put in the box of waters I had just gotten, and put down my purse as well. As I stood back up, I heard the door opening from the car that was parked directly beside me. I whipped around, and grimaced at the face of the man I saw.

Just before a big storm had hit us, I had been talking to some customers about the fact that I didn't want a lot of snow, since my snow blower was broken. This man, had then asked me where I lived, saying he would gladly come plow my driveway with his truck. I had cautiously told him as far as the street in the town I lived, but not the number. To my shock, He had said he lived on that street as well. When he told me which house, I recognized him instantly, as the man in the corner house who had once been arrested for statutory rape. He gave me the creeps, and had come into the store several times since then, starting up random conversations with me every time.

"Perfect!" He said, loudly. "My car won't start."

"Oh?" I tilted my head to the side slightly, and looked at him confused. Car not starting, perfect?

"Yes. You can give me a ride."

"Umm…" I trailed off, looking away slightly. I felt kind of bad, but I wasn't about to let him in my car. "Actually I can't. I'm not going straight home, and I really don't know you that well."

"I live right down the road, and you went to school with my brother. What else do you need?" He seemed a little annoyed, and put out.

"I'm sorry, but no. I don't know you and I don't give strangers a ride."

"Could you at least give me a jump?" He asked, with an attitude like I owed him at least that.

"Fine, if you have the cables." He nodded, and went to his trunk to get them. I bent over in the passenger side of my car and pulled the switch to open the front of my car, then started my car. As I made to stand up, I felt something around my waist. It took me a moment to realize that this man was actually hugging me. He pressed himself up against me and wrapped both his arm around my waist.

"Come on baby, how about a ride." He whispered, and I could feel his breath on my neck as he bent over me. It smelt strongly of Alcohol. I slammed my foot down on his, and elbowed him in the chest.

"Get off of me, Prick!" I yelled. He grabbed my arm, and twisted behind my back. I elbowed him from the other side, and he did the same. He took what I could only image was a zip tie, and bound my two arms together at the wrists, tight enough I couldn't pull free. He added a few more quickly, before I could break it. I tried kicking him, and stomped on his foot again. He ignored it, and pulled me back out of my car. I looked around, and spotted Logan heading to his car.

Without hesitation, I shouted to him. "Logan! Logan, Help!" I kicked away from the man holding me. He must have been startled, and I got free. I stumbled forward and started running across the parking lot to Logan.

"What's going on?" Logan called back, and started walking over towards us. A sudden bang like a car back fire stopped us both in our tracks. I felt a stinging sensation in my shoulder, and the pain began to grow until I started screaming. I hadn't gotten far enough away, and now I fell to my knees, unable to move from the searing pain that had swept over me.

Logan shook off the shock of the gunfire, his feet beginning to move once more. He started running over, but too late. The man was over me already. My arms still bound behind my back, I could do little as he picked me up into a fireman's carry, and brought me back to his car. I kicked at him, survival instincts and adrenaline beating past the pain from the shot. I landed a few kicks on his chest and gut, but he barely flinched. It seemed to take forever for the whole sequence to play out, but it was only seconds. I could see Logan running toward me, but my captor was fast too. He dropped me into the trunk of his car, and slammed it shut over my head. I started screaming louder, and kicking at the trunk, as if it would open by mere force. I heard the car door open and shut, then the engine roar to life. Car trouble my ass.

We were off, reverse first, I heard a thud and I knew we must have hit Logan. Then quickly into drive, and we sped off down the road. I slammed around off both sides, and suddenly realized that I hadn't noticed the pain for a while, and that the adrenaline must have been keeping it at bay. Now it seemed it was warring off, and every movement of the car sent me into utter agony. I stopped screaming, and tried to focus through the pain. It was blinding, white hot, and clouded my head. I thought I would pass out. I tried to concentrate on the cars movements instead. Right at the intersection, then right again at the next intersection. We were on the highway heading toward his house, and mine. Unfortunately, that was a ways away. Now all I could concentrate on was the pain, and every bump in the road making the pain worse and worse, until finally I closed my eyes and let it over take. I blacked out.

* * * * * * *

Logan lay down for a moment on the tar, looking off at where the car had just been, where his friend had just been shot, where she had just disappeared. It had happened so fast, one minute, maybe two. He didn't have time to process it. Paige was walking outside now, to smoke a cigarette (despite her resolution to quit), and chatting on her cell phone. Logan stared at her for a moment, then stood and ran over to her. He grabbed the phone from her hand, and without a word, hung up on the caller. "Logan, that was my son! What are you doing! Give me my pho-… You're bleeding!" She grabbed his free arm, looking over the fresh scratches.

He ignored her, grabbing his arm back to dial 911. "Hello, operator. Is this an emergency?"

"My friend was just shot, and kidnapped!" He spat out at the operator. Paige stopped talking, dropping her cigarette to the ground.

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