--Juniper, Canada (New Brunswick), 11:28am, Thursday--

I woke up, the sun beating down on me through the windows of some type of house. I didn't know where I was, or who's house I was in, just that I was lying on the couch in the living room of it. I remembered everything, right up to running, everything went blurry when I tried to think about the escape. I looked at my hands and feet, they weren't bound. Had I escaped? I would remember that, I thought. I shifted, or at least tried to. I couldn't move. I looked back down, and realized both of my legs were swollen, and coated in blackish bruises, that all blended into one. My left arm was the same thing. Still, I was in very little pain, and that worried me more; I thought briefly I was paralyzed.

I moved my right arm around a bit, and sighed with relief seeing it was no more injured then before. I reached down and jabbed my leg with my nails, and winced in the pain it caused. Not paralyzed. Just broken, I guessed. But how? I remembered running, and hearing the car behind me. I closed my eyes, and tried to think. I couldn't see through the memories, they were so hazy. Still, I remembered Scott being in the car, and me running. I could figure out what had happened easily enough, just guessing by the injuries and his borderline schizophrenic personality.

I sighed slightly, and looked up the windows again. I could see my reflection, the deep black and red bruise his gun had left was painful to look at. It was square, shaped like the hilt of the weapon, and you could see the distinct grove patterns in it. There were lines of purple streaking out like a sun print from the square mark, and it took up almost half my face because of this. I closed my eyes to not see it anymore, and put my working hand up over my cheek to cover it. A few days ago, I had no injuries other then sore feet from work, now I wasn't even sure how I was alive, let alone not on life support or anything. It defied logic.

I looked around the little house, or what I could see of it from my position. I could see the shadows on the wall in the kitchen of Scott, as he paced around. He was talking to someone on the phone, but I couldn't hear him. I looked elsewhere, and found a fireplace up against the wall of the living room, crackling with life. I could smell the wood smoke, and closed my eyes a bit, just focusing on the scent and the warmth. It reminded me of back home, and the summers we spent up at a house on the lake our family owned. There wasn't much of a heater in that house, so the fire would roar all night, or until the partying stopped in the morning. I almost thought I could smell the lake too. I opened my eyes again, half expecting to see the old wooden porch, and look out over the vast shimmering waters and distant mountains. I realized I had been day dreaming again though, or maybe even delusional.

"You're awake." I heard Scott say from the doorway, and I jumped a little in my skin, my eyes darting to him quickly. "You've slept through an entire day, its Thursday."

"Stay away from me, prick." I said quickly.

"Now, now. That's no way to speak to me. I saved your life." He said calmly.

"You hit me with a car!" I cried, though I couldn't remember him doing it.

"You were misbehaving. I needed to discipline you." He said, confirming my hypothesis to the injuries origins. He walked over and knelt beside my head. "I did it out of love. A child needs discipline, but you still love that child, don't you?"

"I'm not your child." I growled.

"Obviously not. That's a metaphor. What we have is different, special. I love you, and I know you love me too." He smiled at me gently. "I loved you since the first day I met you."

"That was like a month ago! And we talked about the weather." I rolled my eyes slightly.

"No, that wasn't the first time. You and my brother went to school together. I saw you at the bus stop. I watched you every morning."

"I…" I didn't know how to respond to that. I paused for a moment, then slowly went on. "I… I was eleven… That was nine years ago…"

"I watched you every day when you went to school with him. In the summer I saw you playing the yard, in the sprinklers with your swim suits on, or tanning on a towel in your driveway. If I could I would have taken you away right then to make you my queen." I stared at him, my mouth open in a look of utter shock mixed with grotesque horror. "I love your room, you know. I can see into it from my house. I would wait up all night to watch you get undressed for bed… Till you put in those curtains this summer."

"I…" I stopped again, trying to work through what he was saying. I had thought he was creepy when he was following me at work, let alone not knowing he had been watching me for years. I felt exposed, as if I were laying there naked instead of in the slightly blood soaked white dress I was in.

"I found out where you worked, and everything fell together. I knew we were destined to be together, forever. Its love." He placed a hand on the side of my face gently, and kissed my lips. I pulled back.

"No!" I said, forcefully, finding myself again. "I don't love you. I don't love anything about you. I hate you. I want you to die, slowly!" I yelled at him, despite him still being about an inch from my face. He growled, low in his throat. I felt something wrap around my throat, and before I knew what was going on, Scott was strangling me. I beat at him with my one functioning arm, but even that was weakened from the injuries I had sustained in the course of under three days. It did little to shake him.

I blacked out, but not like last time. I still felt some kind of tug to reality. Scott stopped strangling me. I could feel him, I could feel the pull toward consciousness. The drag back was slow, though. It took a few minutes before I began to piece reality back together, my vision like a blurred puzzle, and my mind clearing slower than that. When I finally became aware of reality, Scott was on top of me. The skirt of my dress was lifted around my waist, and he was inside me.

Scott hadn't even taken off his clothes, he had just unzipped his pants and pulled it out. I closed my eyes tight again. I wanted back into that black daze. He was grunting on top of me, pushing himself inside. I opened my eyes again, and looked at his face from the corner of my eyes. His eyes were closed, and his head was tilted away. He wasn't looking at me, and I doubted he knew I had woken. I looked down, against my better judgement. To my amazement, on his belt within my functioning arms reach, was his pistol.

I didn't think, I just wanted him off of me. I grabbed the pistol before he had time to react, or even notice. I pulled back the safety, as I had seen him do, cocked it, and pointed it at his head. He didn't even notice, until the barrel touched the temple of his forehead. He opened his eyes and stopped moving.

"…That's not loaded…" He said cautiously. I ignored him.

"Get off." I said, calling his bluff. He didn't move for a moment. He quickly reached up to grab the gun away, but as his hand grabbed mine, my finger twitched against the trigger and it fired. The 'unloaded' gun sent a shot into Scott's temple, and sent his blood splattering all over me. His body collapsed onto mine, dead instantly. I screamed out, loudly, for the shock of it all, and from the pain his weight sent crumpling through my injured body. I hadn't thought, I was stuck now, and he was still inside me.

I wiped my face desperately, clawing, trying to get the blood off, crying now. I hit him, and pushed him trying to knock him off. I wasn't strong enough though. I just shifted him. I screamed again, frustrated. I kept doing this, pushing, shoving, and shifting him. His limp body settled farther down onto me. I gave him one last shove, screaming as I did so, and felt something fall out of his pocket and land beside me on the couch. I blinked away the tears, and reached for it. I held it up, and stared at it, as though a foreign object. His phone, the little cell phone he had been talking on earlier.

I flipped it open, there were a few dozen missed phone calls, from one number. It was on silent though. A call came in from that same number as I held it, and I almost dropped it. I held onto it though, afraid of it falling out of my range. I bent my arm, despite the pain it caused, to hold the phone to my ear and answered it.

"Scott, this needs to end right now. We are tracing the calls, and we will find you. Let her go now, and there might be some leniency." A womans voice said, before I could speak. Her voice was urgent, but the tone was of anger. "Hows that trace coming?" She shouted at someone in the background.

"He-…Hello?" I said quietly, nervously.

"Who is this?" The woman asked quickly, her voice sounding more frustrated now.

"Rebecca…" I said, still nervous.

"Wha-…" She stopped, and went silent.

"Who is this?" I asked, cautiously.

"Rebecca," She said, her voice gentler now. "This is FBI agent Ross, in charge of missing persons." If Scott weren't still lying on me, I might have smiled, hearing that this was the police. They were looking for me. "Rebecca, where is Scott now?"

"De-…" I stopped short, looking at his motionless form. I had killed him, I had killed a man. It suddenly struck me, all at once what I had done. "He's Dead." I told her, starting to cry again. "I killed him. I'm sorry!" I begged, sobbing now. "I didn't… He wouldn't get off. He said it wasn't loaded. It just went off. I'm sorry." I pleaded quickly. I was going to end up in jail after all this. "I didn't mean it!"

"Rebecca! Calm Down!" She said firmly. "I know it was self-defense. It's okay. Please, do you know where you are?"

"No," I sniffed, wiping the tears from my eyes. "Canada I think. I don't know where."

"We're tracing the call now, we will find you. Just don't hang up. It takes a few minutes." She told me. I had no intention of hanging up, or letting my chances at salvation escape. "Are you hurt, Rebecca?"

"Yes." I said simply, and half laughing at the question.

"We got it?" I heard her ask someone else. "Get the police there now, tell them to bring a bus." She told them, before returning to our call. "Rebecca, the police are on there way now. You're safe. Do you want me to call your mother for you? Shes been worried sick."

"Don't hang up!" I said quickly. I was nervous, and she was my only connection to safety. Without her, I was still so very alone with Scott. Even in death he tortured me, watching me with his eyes still open, crushing me beneath his body as it went cold. He was still inside me, halfway through raping me. I started to work myself up into a panic again, the thought of being left here like this, alone. "I cant get him off…" I whined, pushing his body again, trying to knock him off to the floor.

"What do you mean?" Agent Ross asked me, confused.

"I cant get him off!" I cried, shoving him again. "Get off!" I dropped the phone, frantic now. The phone flipped closed as it hit the ground, and hung up on her. I could hear the sirens down the road, and I started screaming for them, crying out for help.

It felt like forever, but within a minute they reached the house, and I heard them knock at the door. I had stopped screaming, mostly because my voice went hoarse. I hadn't had anything to drink in over a day, and I had been sobbing in my hysteria. "Please!" I cried as loudly as I could manage. There was a loud crashing noise at the door, and it swung open. A few officers entered, splitting up to clear the house. Two came to my side, and they pulled Scott's lifeless form off of me. I looked at the officers as they did, and saw the male officers face turn to pure outrage as he realized what Scott had been doing. He looked as if he would have killed him again, if I hadn't done so first. They dropped his body to the ground without a second thought. The other was a female officer, and she knelt down beside me. She fixed the skirt on my dress so it covered everything. "Rebecca," she said calmly. It wasn't from that far from where I lived, a few states higher, but her accent was so different. Still her voice felt warm, kind. She didn't look much older than myself, mid-twenties or so, and I think she realized this too.

The paramedics arrived a few minutes after the officers, and brought in a stretcher. The female officer stood off to the side, joining the others who had returned and now all stood starring at me. I felt like an alien, like I head several heads. They just starred like they had never seen anything like this before, these worried looks on their faces. I had to look away. The medics crowded around now, each busying themselves bracing something so I didn't move.

"How are you doing, Rebecca. Can you hear us okay?" One holding a clipboard asked.

"I can hear fine." I said, a hint of sarcasm in my tone. He ignored it.

"Where are you hurt?" he asked.

"Everywhere." I said simply. It was true enough. I didn't know what part of me wasn't either bruised or broken. "Please…" I said quietly. "I want to go to sleep…"

"They will give you something at the hospital, alright? I just have to ask you few questions." They got me on the stretcher now, and began to bring me out to the ambulance. The female officer followed them, and hopped in with us.

"No more…" I said, getting sick of his pointless questions.

"Please, Rebecca, we need to know what happened to help you." The female officer said. I sighed slowly and nodded. I was loaded into the back of the ambulance now, and they shut the doors tight. As it started moving, one of the medics started strapping me down. I started shaking again.

"No!" I cried, staring at the binds. I looked around, realizing all of the medics were male, and I suddenly felt unsafe again. I closed my eyes tightly and began humming. The female officer stood quickly, grabbing my hand.

"Don't strap her in." she told them, understanding. "No more questions, we can get the information later." I opened my eyes and looked at her with pitiful eyes. I mouthed thank you, but seemed to have lost my voice for the moment.

"We need to-…" One officer began, but she glared at him. He stopped, and nodded. "Fine." He said, sitting down. The other medics joined him.

"My names officer Lynn. You can call me Amelia." The female officer told me. I nodded slightly. She looked at my hand, looking it over in her hands. She took the other hand as well, and starred at them. I looked down, and saw the bruises around my wrists that the chains had formed. She frowned and ran her fingers along the marks.

"hand cuffs… kind of." I said. She looked back up at me, sighing softly.

"You are safe now." She assured me. The ambulance turned into the hospital parking lot, and slowed to a stop. "Do you want me to stay with you?" Amelia asked.

"I just want them to put me under. I want to sleep." I pleaded softly. She nodded, and went ahead of us to get the doctor. They wheeled me into a room, and set about hooking up all sorts of machines to monitor my vitals. A doctor came in within minutes, holding a syringe in his hands.

"Alright, Rebecca." He said. "This is to make you sleep." He lifted my hand and pressed the needle into my vein on top of my hand, injecting the solution slowly. It felt like ice in my veins, and stung miserably. Amelia had come back, she grabbed my other hand and squeezed it gently. Slowly things began to blur. I didn't know what was going on. There were doctors hovering all around me, but they seemed distant. Everything swirled together, and then finally began to disappear. I closed my eyes, and let the sleep take over, finally.

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