In a world with Murder, Lies and sin.

it is almost impossible for a man to win.

the people of this world, are all selfish and vile

Not to be trusted so vain, and in denial

A World that is crumbling and falling away

Children go missing, and running astray.

Parents abusing Kids, Destroying their lives.

People killing people, with bats, guns and knives.

Military shooting civilians, killing men and women

Terrible songs, about sex, crimes, with no rhythm.

The Atmosphere is Depleting, and dying because of us.

People find ways to Destroy everything, even a bus.

Discrimination against one another, just because of their skin

Groups based on hate, killing, all full of sin.

Nuclear Weapons testing, under the ground

Governments don't care, til were no longer around

War, aslong as their mens, there will always be hate, and war

Killing for Oil, Dying for their country, the story is getting old and raw.

Never Destroy what you didn't make,

People don't realise, theres much more at stake

We will Exterminate ourselves, it will come sooner or later.

Until that day, we must live out this thing you call a life, before it gets greater.

Editors Note: i believe that this is my best Poem i have written. and it is 100% what i see of this world.

Thank You.