Suicidal Sorrow

The cool air blowing through my hair almost made me forget why I was here in the first place. Here, standing on the ledge of my apartment building. I've never had a problem with heights nor death. Or anything else for that matter.

You see, many of my emotions have been numbed beyond repair. I no longer feel happiness, fear, joy, love, anxiety, anger, excitement nor nervousness. I wasn't even sad. No, sadness is an understatement.

What I felt was pure sorrow.

The source of my miserable condition are my parents. They constantly fight. On occasion, my father would come home drunk. He would beat and abuse my mother and I. There were many bruises left if you wish to take a look. But I would have to lift my shirt. Even in his worse state, my father's a smart man. He'd beat me where my clothes could hide the scars afterwards.

One day, my mother was at her breaking point. When my father reached out for his golf club to hit me with, I shut my eyes. Soon after, I heard a deafening bang. When my eyes opened, the sight of my father's lifeless body lying in a pool of his own blood greeted me. I looked at my trembling mother, a gun clutched in her shaky hands. Until today, I wonder how she managed to acquire a gun.

She dropped the gun at her feet, ran over to me and held me in a tight embrace. We cried together as she told me repeatedly that it was finally all over. You would think I'd finally get the happy ending I sincerely lusted for, the love and attention I thirsted for.

If you thought that would happen, you are wrong.

My mother struggled from the trauma the whole incident caused. It was painful to see her slowly lose her mind, blaming me for everything that happened to her. She would cry for hours at end, screaming at everything.

All I wanted was for someone to care. I wanted a friend whom I could confide with. That was my other wish. Unfortunately, it never came true.

Which is why I was standing at the ledge, considering suicide. I've failed everyone in my life. So if I'm gone, nobody would notice or care.

As I slowly lifted my foot, a million things ran though my mind. My whole life flashed before my eyes. Suddenly, a girl's voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Daniel! You don't have to do this!" she called.

"I do," I struggled to say. My throat was closing up.

"No, you don't. Tell me what's wrong. I'll help you get through this," she said.

Right then, I cried harder than I've ever cried before. Her words meant so much more to me than you'd think. It was like winning the lottery. I got down from the ledge and fell to my knees, tears streaming down my cheeks. She held me close to her, not minding that I was drenching her clothes.

I don't know how she knew my name. I don't know who she is. I don't even know where she came from. And frankly, I don't care. All I know is, my wish came true.

A/N: I uploaded this under romance because in my mind, they were going to be a strong couple. They help each other out. And as you can see from the story, she saved him from suicide. I wrote this to submit to my local newspaper. Fingers crossed for it to get published! *crosses fingers* It's very angsty, but its my first try at that genre. Leave me a comment! I'd love to hear from you guys =D