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several days later

'Hello! Anyone in there?'

Startled Eleanor looked up smiling ruefully 'Sorry Rosie I was miles away' this was accompanied by a yawn 'and I didn't get a lot of sleep either' she added as further explanation.

Rosie titled her head to the side smiling mischievously 'It wouldn't have something to do with a certain guy?'

Despite herself Eleanor blushed and became intent on the coffee sitting in front of her, 'Of course not!' she said 'I'm just worried about my apartment that's all'

Rosie frowned 'Why honey?' she asked 'Did that creep move back in because I swear if you want me to I'll ask Rob or one of his friends to deal with him!'

Eleanor laughed 'No he's not back' she was touched that Rosie wouldn't even get in touch with her ex-boyfriend even though she loathed him 'It's just I got a letter today, in fact all the tenants got one this morning – well the tenants that are left.'

Rosie didn't say anything prompting her to continue, Eleanor sighed and rested her head on the table feeling suddenly drained and wishing she could talk to her dad, 'Apparently my landlord has sold the building to a property developer and he has big plans for the building to maximise his revenue'.

Rosie stroked her hair in a soothing motion, 'Oh honey' she said 'that doesn't mean that you'll be evicted, they might want to keep the current tenants as a show of good will'

Eleanor shook her head 'No I don't think so, I'm sure if we were even offered to stay I wouldn't be able to afford the new rent. I'm at my limit as it is. Even though Mr. Golding threatened to put the rent up he never did because he knew that he wouldn't get anyone else willing to live there' she closed her eyes wishing this problem would just vanish

Rosie looked down at her tired friend suddenly worried that maybe Eleanor had finally reached crisis point 'What else did the letter say?' she asked

Eleanor lifted her head and smiled wryly 'That the landlord would make personal visits to discuss his future plans for the building.' She glanced at her watch 'Look there's no point worrying, if I have to move I will. It's just I could really not do with the hassle.' She smiled reassuringly 'Don't worry Rose I'll be fine. I better go; we're being assigned our placements today'…

Rosie handed her the coffee and grinned 'Good luck Elle. I'll give you a ride home – just meet me at the fountain at four'.


Eleanor plonked herself down in the armchair outside her supervisor's office; 'Well things could be worse' she thought, at that moment Dr. Healy came out of her office with another student.

'Eleanor sweetie, why don't you go into my office, I'll be with you in a moment'

Eleanor smiled 'Sure thing'

Dr. Healy's office was a good reflection of her character; it was chaotic but if you looked closely enough it was highly organised. It was one of the few places that she felt comfortable. Dr. Healy had been really good to her. Day one when she walked into her office, Dr. Healy had went out of her way to help her, even going so far as to help her find an affordable place to live, although she had been disapproving of her current choice of apartment. Dr. Healy was a proud woman in her mid-fifties with wild curly brown hair streaked with grey. She had been a teacher for twenty years before going back to college to obtain her doctorate in child psychology. Eleanor admired her tenacity and her unwillingness to accept anything except but the best from her students. What she loved about the woman was her kindness and big heart.

'So, Eleanor honey, how have things been since we last talked?' Dr. Healy bustled into the room carrying an armful of folders, 'Be a love and put on the kettle wont you?'

Bella smiled and got up to locate the mugs that she was so often sipping sweet tea from.

'So how have you been?' she prompted distractedly 'I do have your essay I just can't seem to locate it. I do know however, that I give you an A'. She searched through her drawers,

Eleanor smiled 'I've been quite busy with lesson plans for my up and coming placement. I'd like to run a few of them by you if that's ok?'

Dr. Healy nodded absentmindedly 'Hmmm – Oh! Found it! The placement – oh I'd almost forgotten about that! I have something fantastic to tell you. Sit down dear, I'll do that!'

Eleanor took her seat again, watching her make the tea. Dr. Healy sighed, 'I'm up to my eyes dealing with homesick freshmen. I should never have volunteered to be the college's welfare officer' she set the tea in front of Eleanor and rooted around in her bag; finally producing a packet of chocolate biscuits.

'Stressful day, I'll be back on the diet tomorrow' she said sheepishly

Eleanor sipped her tea 'So you said you had exciting news'

Dr. Healy's face lit up 'Ah yes of course!' she replied 'Well it's about your placement'

Eleanor waited expectantly watching Dr. Healy open up one of the green folders on her desk.

'Are you aware of the reservation a few miles out of town?'

Eleanor nodded. 'Vaguely, why?'

Dr. Healy smiled 'As far as I'm aware the teaching department has never had any contact with the school; which is an awful shame because not only have we too many students and not enough participating schools but they also consistently produce a significantly higher average; at both junior and senior level.'

Eleanor frowned 'I hadn't realised it was such a big community'

Dr. Healy nodded enthusiastically 'Oh yes very large population and very much has its own sustainable economy. I've always been interested in their methods of teaching but we've found them very closed to outsiders. Their teachers normally live in the community, so there is minimal come and go as regards to the school.'

'What has this got to do with my placement?' Eleanor asked aware that her supervisor looked as if she was going to burst if she didn't get her news off her chest

Dr. Healey handed her the folder looking triumphant 'you my dear, have the honour of being the first ever student teacher from this college to take her placement at the reservation school!'

Eleanor who had been regarding the folder with mild bemusement; looked up sharply 'I don't understand, I thought they didn't take any students'

Dr. Healy shrugged 'They didn't but yesterday out of the blue I had a call from the school. They told me they were willing to take a final year student this year. On the condition that they view all the profiles and choose a candidate.'

Eleanor frowned thinking it was very strange but didn't comment

'Strictly speaking I shouldn't have and offered to recommend my best student; you my dear but they were most insistent. I was just so glad to hear from them that I let them view the student profiles and amazingly they got back within the hour'

Eleanor raised an eyebrow 'Impressive; they managed to assess 60 students in an hour.'

Dr. Healy laughed 'Indeed!' she agreed 'It's almost as if they knew exactly who they were looking for. I am most definitely pleased to tell you that, that someone was you; they felt that you would be an asset to their junior school'

Eleanor tried her best to be as excited as her supervisor but found the whole thing a bit strange. She had researched all the possible schools she could have been placed in and this school on the reservation –that she hadn't even known about until a couple of minutes ago – hadn't factored into that research. Truthfully she was apprehensive but didn't have the heart to tell Dr. Healy that she would prefer they send someone else.

Sensing her unease Dr. Healy smiled reassuringly 'I would never send you somewhere if I wasn't one hundred percent sure that they would take care of you. And of course I will accompany you to your meet and greet next week. Trust me Eleanor; this is a fantastic opportunity for you',

Eleanor smiled 'I know' she replied feeling guilty for appearing so ungrateful 'I'll look at the introduction pack tonight. I guess I am just nervous because I know nothing about them' she explained.

Dr. Healy gave her a mock reproving look 'I think it will do you the world of good 'Eleanor Summers to step out of your comfort zone.' She glanced at the clock 'good gracious! It's nearly three, away with you! And take those biscuits so I don't eat the whole bloody packet!'

Laughing Eleanor scooped them up and dumped them in her satchel 'Thank you so much Dr. Healy'

Dr. Healy smiled fondly regarding her over the rim of her glasses ' Now, now Eleanor I always told you I'd look after you. I'll see you next week. And don't work too hard this weekend; I want you well rested before your placement.'

Eleanor left Dr. Healy's office as she always did: with a light heart. With an hour to spare she made her way to the library to return books and to come up with a plan of action. She knew her landlord dilemma wouldn't seem so bad once down on paper.


By the time four o'clock rolled around Eleanor made her way to the fountain in an upbeat mood. Rosie was already there: talking or in Rosie's case flirting with some guy. She smiled and waved when she saw Eleanor approach and excused herself.

'Hi Rose' Eleanor greeted

Rosie smiled curiously 'Hi yourself' she replied 'You all set?'

Eleanor nodded 'Yes, but you know you don't have to do this. I can just as easily walk'

Rosie shook her head 'No I insist, it'll be dark soon. What has you in such a good mood anyway?'

On the way to the car Eleanor recanted her meeting with Dr. Healy which Rosie congratulated her on and also thoroughly approved of her landlord plan of action.

'Although' Rosie teased 'I still say if you flashed a smile and batted your eyelashes the old coot would be putty in your hands'

Eleanor rolled her eyes 'Please! As if I could ever bat my eyelashes'

They both laughed as they got into the car, the ride lasted only ten minutes and once Rosie had her safely installed she left. This was the weekend that she made her obligatory trip home to assure her parents that they weren't throwing their money away. Eleanor envied this, since moving away her father hadn't ever asked her to come home. Even coming home at Christmas she felt as if she wasn't welcome. Maybe things would improve once she graduated she thought or rather hoped.


Hunter slammed down the floor 'Not fucking good enough!' he growled

Gabriel shifted uncomfortably; these past few days had been hellish. Hunter was nothing short of unapproachable. And their other problem was Finn. He had simply disappeared. It was so unlike him; he was more close to Hunter than he -his beta- was. He knew behind all that anger and frustration Hunter was also worried about him even if his wolf was still smarting from the incident at the club.

'Hunter what do you want us to do?' Gabriel asked, half afraid that he'd find himself at the receiving end of his Alpha's wrath.

Hunter sighed and sat down behind his desk; he leaned back in his chair 'I've called in a favour with Yuri; he's going to send us his best tracker. He'll find him, and just so we're clear what are your orders?'

'Bring him back here' Gabriel answered quietly

Hunter smiled grimly 'Good' he lifted a folder on his desk and handed it to Gabriel 'This the details concerning my recent property purchase' he explained

'You acquired this quickly' he said flicking through the documents

Hunter shrugged 'It wasn't a problem' he replied casually 'I paid over the odds for it and the owner was only too glad to get rid of it. Not only are there only five tenants in a thirty apartment building the place is haemorrhaging money'

Gabriel grinned 'Makes you almost wish that it was simply a case of snatch a grab like in the good old days'

For the first time in a week Hunter looked genuinely amused 'Almost, I just want to do this right Gabriel. I can't have her hate me; I need to do this carefully.'

Gabriel was surprised to see how tired his Alpha looked 'I know' he assured him 'you have our fullest support. What do you need me to do?'

Hunter ran a hand through his hair 'I need you to find him someone suitable to move into the apartment building. Some kid at the college, bring me a list of suitable candidates'

'Male or female?' he teased

Hunter growled 'Don't mess with me, you know I can't have any males near her unattended until I at least have her marked. How soon can you get me a list?' he asked

Gabriel shrugged 'I could give you a list by the end of today'

Hunter nodded curtly 'Good and thank you Gabriel.'

Gabriel knew he was being dismissed and left Hunter to his own thoughts. He had a feeling that this whole business with Hunter's mate was going to be far from easy. And he was extremely worried about Finn; he wanted to get to him before Hunter and his wolf did.


'Come in!' Mrs Grahame called

'Hello Kate, how are things?'

Startled she stood abruptly 'Hunter! What are you doing here? I mean of course you are very welcome here.' She added

Hunter looked amused 'I'm only here to see if you were able to succeed?' he answered

Kate shuffled the papers on the desk setting them aside and folding her hands on the desk 'Yes I did; as of next week Miss Eleanor Somers will be our new teacher here at the school.'

Hunter raised an eyebrow 'You are not happy?' he enquired

'Of course I am happy that you found your mate Hunter, we all are.' She offered

Hunter sensed hesitation 'Come on Kate I've known you for over eighty years, tell me why you don't want my mate here.' He said bluntly

'I'm just worried' she confessed 'this deception could back fire on you.'

Hunter nodded thoughtfully 'I'm willing to take the risk. I just need her here Kate and this is the only way I could think without forcing her.'

She smiled 'I understand and she does have an exemplary academic record; I can say in all earnest that she will be an asset especially since Peter wants to retire soon.'

'I need you to look after her Kate could you do that?'

'Of course I will Hunter regardless I take care of all my teachers.' She said 'I'll see you next week then?' she teased gently

He grinned unashamedly 'Of course…next week'.

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