She shuddered as she waited for him to come back, to continue her "Examination." Every few weeks he did this, since he ordered her capture. and to make matters worse, lately she had been irritable, and that was NOT good, so far she hadn't been killed for her insolence. Just this morning she had snapped at Skyrus and actually bit one of the watch officers.

That triggered a study of her bite strength, both in as an attack, he has Cuol attempt to strike her triggering the defensive bite, and as a warning. Var was the one chosen for that, and he almost took her head off before Kovus stopped him with a look. That had been this morning, he had left her in this austere room, ordering her muzzled before the next set of tests.

Being muzzled always distressed her, she couldn't defend herself that well, could barely speak, her powerful jaws bound with leather straps, sometimes to the point where her breathing was made more difficult. Luckily today it was Havrok who muzzled her, he was always careful to make sure her breathing was fine, that the straps didn't bite into her skin to hard. they had been friends before he became one of Kovus' warlords. Sometimes she wondered if they were friends still, he was always careful with her, never hurting her one bit more than exactly what he was ordered to.

The door opened silently, and Cuol and Kovus walked in together. Cuol was always there, Kovus' shadow. Studying the monster as he studied whatever, his willing assistant. Kovus looked at her and spoke, "Spread your wings and mantle. Cuol take pictures of every feather, there has been color shifts in her wings of up to five percent, I want it documented."

The young man nodded, directing the computer controlled camera over her wings, motioning with his hand when she needed to change position. She knew better than to do anything other than obey, punishment for disobedience was harsh, horrifying.

"I am finished, Sir." Was Coul's to quick reply to that order. Kaja knew what came next, she furled her wings and growled and found herself trying to snap at Coul as he placed two leather straps around her lower torso to bind her wings to her sides. Now she was mostly helpless, she could fight with her hooves if she had to, but her balance would be off, she would fall more easily.

"Move you hind legs further apart, by about six inches and hold them there." that hated voice was low, almost soothing. The hand that stroked her hind legs and hips was almost gentle. She obeyed feeling VERY uneasy, his voice was almost a harsh purr, "This will be cold, do NOT kick."

And she gasped as she felt cold metal enter her where only Chren had ever touched her before. She whimpered forced herself not to move, she could hear a clicking sound and felt herself being stretched wider and wider with each click.

"Medical swab, I need a sample for testing." the command to Coul, she could see the young man hand him the swab and a vial to store it in. The vulnerability of her positions and the humiliation of being almost made her run. the swab felt rough against her inner flesh, she wished again she was safe with Em, with Chren. Two more swabs followed, then she felt his FINGER inside her and heard him smack his lips.

"You taste...Sweet, little mare." again he stroked her flank, the device slowly became smaller and he removed it, then said softly, "I just need a blood sample."

She held out her arm, watched as he shaved a bit of her hair so he could see the vein. The needle slid in smoothly, he was doing it himself instead of letting Cuol do it. Cuol never could draw a sample without pain. Kovus could when he wished.

He filled three normal vials, then a fourth. Once that special vial was filled he took a sip, rolling it over his tongue. Then he SMILED at her, why was he smiling, and caressed her cheek. "You are growing up, little mare. You are entering Rava, I believe your first."

She gasped, "OH GOD NO." Here, without Chren, without a Rin male, she would go INSANE, she didn't know how to control Rava, no mare who would help her. She tried to flex her wings without thinking and the straps bit into them, forcing her to stop and think

"You will need to be isolated for a few days. I think a week under house arrest.....where to put you....suite 2742, that will work."

"You are isolating me, Master Tegatane?" her voice was shaking.

"Yes little mare. For your own protection. Cuol, do not remove the muzzle or bindings, but give her the key once she's in her room. And my dear, take a bath, you smell entirely to enticing. If Cuol or I were lesser men, we would have raped you before this."

She fled the chamber with Cuol as quickly as she could.