Lydia Sarah Delilah

Sitting with a fever
Heat devouring veins
Brains melting
and a boiling
Oh, please Ignore
Her claims

A n d s h e w a k e s

Crosslegged in a dungeon
Sipping sweet merlot
Singing to the beaten
And those
By their

A n d s h e y a w n s

At the marvels of Madonna
Oh, who could be so plain
She walks up to the vanity
By Gods
that mirror
Is vain

A n d s h e s i n g s

To the gaters in the moatyard
Snapping at her feet
She walks up to
Prince Charming
And renounces his defeat

A n d s h e g r i n s

As she takes him to the bedroom
And ties him to her bed
Poor dear old Prince Charming
There goes his
princely threads


Mrs. Lydia Sarah Delilah. LSD, no? This song-poem was Mono induced.