O, what do I love about thee?

Your rough hands, I long to slip mine into yours

And clasp your fingers in love.

Your olive skin, soft and smooth without a blemish to be seen.

The way your lip curls when you smile,

How I long to press mine to yours and show you what I feel.

The chocolate locks that frame your face,

And the pinstripe hat that adorns it out of school.

The slender curves of your body—

Why do you hide in that trench coat when you're so beautiful?

The lace up combat boots that compliment your red and black striped stockings.

The chain on your thigh-length skirt that jingles when you move.

The unbelievable drawings you create,

Your soprano voice singing a haunting melody.

The way your fingers dance across the keys on a piano to make a song.

Your cruel, sadistic, evil thoughts, each one more horrifying than the last.

Your low chuckle that sounds deranged and evil.

The countless intricate ways you come up with to torture people.

That maniacal glint you get in your eye when we plan murders.

The things you've told me that you've trusted no one else with.

When we're alone, you can be yourself.

When I'm with you, life doesn't seem so bad anymore.

But I am a woman, and you desire a man.

Is there any way to show you that I can be more than your best friend?

Every time I try to say something,

My voice catches in my throat in fear.

I know you're not a lesbian, and you will never love me like I love you.

I long to tell you everything,

But will that destroy what we have?

My sweet Julia, I love you more than life itself.

But until I can truly tell you,

I'll write you poetry you'll never read,

Love you from afar, so close to you, but worlds away,

And keep my love for you in the shadows of the closet.