~So Called Family Friends~
-Chapter 1-
~Should Have Just Stayed In Bed~

OK, I know I have a bunch of things to do, plus get then next chapters out for my other stories. But this story kinda came out on it's own as I was having writer's block. . .
So please enjoy!!!!

Today was the first day of my sophomore year at Samuel Adams High School. I quickly glanced at my alarm clock, for the time, and it read: 6:30 a.m. I stretched, unable to believe how early it was, let alone the fact of how I could even be awake so early in the morn. Seems like its going to be a really good day today! Though in the back of my head I couldn't help but think that today wouldn't be as good as I thought it would be. I pushed the thought aside, as I flung open my mahogany colored, wooden, closet door. My closet was packed and over-filling with clothes of all kinds. From clothes that would make any goth happy to see the darkness to clothes that would make any prep ooze with jealously, and everything else in-between. Basically, whatever you name I've probably got it. Well, unless, you're talking about some really horny, bitchy, slutty outfit. Cause I have nothing like that in here. As I was debating what to wear, to make a good first impression, my thoughts began to drift. . .


I started to remember what my mom had told me yesterday night at dinner, that, well if I remember right, my mom's 'old friend', Clara, was coming to visit. She has 3 sons: Seth, Daniel, and Stephan. I, according to my mom, had been friends with them when I was a 'wee-little girl'. (Those were her words, not mine.) But I've been having some doubts lately. I don't ever remember playing with guys when I was younger; unless you count them running around screaming "cooties" whenever I got near them. Even as I grew, I don't have a single memory of having any friends named Seth, Daniel, or let alone Stephan. If I really try to remember something all I can conjure up are fuzzy, black, shadow-like images of four kids playing around. I don't hear a single thing, its like images that you see during a silent movie, but with no subtitles telling you what is happening. When I try to remember anything else, I can't, all that I can think up are those same images re-running over and over again. And even if I remembered more fuzzy, black, shadow-like memories, it wouldn't, no couldn't, convince me enough that I had been friends with them. I mean look at the facts, for all I know it could have been some movie I watched. Besides, even if it was a memory of me playing with three other guys, how do I know it was Seth, Daniel, and Stephan? For all I know it could be some other guys that I played with when I was younger. I mean there was no sound, so it could have been other people. It's not like I heard them saying "Daniel!" "Seth" or "Stephan". Plus, my mom was very stiff as she was telling me about her 'friend', as if she was afraid that I wouldn't believe her and tell her that she was lying. . .


A shrill voice interrupted my thoughts, "KATHRYN!!!!! GET DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT!!!!!" Once I heard, I wanted to crawl back into bed. It was the voice of my sweet mum, or rather my ferociously angry mother. But, I knew, that if I did use the 'I didn't hear you, I was asleep' gig, that she'd be all the more madder. Knowing full well that it was a lie. So I dropped what I was doing. (which was me slamming my closet door shut and running out my bedroom in my PJ's) Jumped down the stairs, tripping, and gracefully landing on my fee,t before I fell flat on my face, and it was all thanks to four years of ballet lessons.

I heard a sigh, "Seriously, Kathryn, do you have to be so embarrassing in front of my friends?" asked a somewhat agitated mother, who wouldn't think twice before embarrassing me in front of thousands. And its happened before. Trust me, you would rather die then go through what had happened to me.

So I settled with just saying, "Mom, you're not one to talk. You embarrassed me in front of national television when I was at my dance recital when I was 14. And you didn't even think twice about it or apologize."

She was blushed profusely before snapping at me, "Kathryn, you didn't know half of the people there, besides it isn't as bad as this! I'd think twice before saying anything again if I were you. I mean look at you, you're still dressed in your sleep clothes and-"

"OK, OK, I get it!" I said, interrupting my ranting mother. "I'm sorry, OK? I-" I stopped short. I finally noticed what was going on: Clara, my mom's friend had arrived, her three sons were also here, and they were checking my out. . .

Wait- What??? Did I just say that her sons were checking me out? Well, whatever, hope I'm in some decent clothes so that they won't think that I would be a friend with 'benefits'. . . Oops. I'm still in my sleepwear, aren't I? And I sound really retarded talking like this, right? Huh, guess that feeling was correct, this morning isn't going as well as I thought it would. . .

Hah, this is sooooo funny!!! I'm still in bed sleeping and this is a dream, right??? Right??? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. . .

OH. MY. GOD. This isn't a dream. I am awake, I am still in my sleepwear, Clara is here, and her sons are checking me out. . . Ahem. Um, is it possible to have a mental breakdown just in your mind? And not show any signs of it physically??? Cause, seriously, I'm having a purely mental and not physical breakdown right now.


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. . . . . I'm in my sleepwear, which consisted of me in my silky, dark blue, and lacy tank top and my black, booty gym shorts. This was something I wouldn't be caught dead wearing in public; something I wouldn't be caught dead wearing around guys. Well, you know, unless I wanted to catch an asshole to sleep with. And I'm wearing it right now in front of what seems to be the biggest assholes of the century. Just great! This is exactly just what I wanted to happen. I've been waiting for this my entire life! Completely wonderful! This is the best thing that has happened to me! (note the heavy amount of sarcasm)

"Crap," was the only thing I could choke out as reality finally hit me, right smack dab in the face, (if I might add).

OK, maybe I'm being a bit judgemental, but if those three aren't assholes, then what are they? I mean what non-assholes would be checking a girl out, staring at her boobs, taking her clothes off with their eyes, and wondering how good she'd be in bed? Tell me, if they aren't assholes, what are they?

"Ahem, well, as I was saying," said a women with her black hair cut in a sophisticated style. She was wearing a striped business suit (the type with a skirt); something a CEO of a business would probably wear. Oh, I forgot to tell you that Clara was the CEO of her brother's business, didn't I? Well, her brother, Richard, owns a growing small business, but he's the type that can't keep track of money or a good negotiator for that matter. So, basically, it wouldn't be so unbelievable if he becomes knee deep in debt, does it? No, not at all. The first time he was in debt he almost drowned in it. He didn't want to bother his sister so he did all he could to get out of debt and he did, but it wasn't long till he was in debt again. This time he's in twice as much debt as before, so all he can do is ask for his beloved sister's help. Clara, is very famous for getting people out of their debt full ruts, for a reasonably fee. (of course) And living in this debt-full town, and being as gifted as she is, its no wonder that she's one of the richest people here. She, being the lovely sister she is, accepted her brother's request and is currently helping him get out of debt. But, as her job is taking her to Seattle, and her sons having to stay in school, and her not wanting to move, she has no choice but to leave her sons here. Alone. Which isn't very good considering that whenever she leaves them at home by themselves they end up destroying the house. So what is the solution that Clara comes up with, you ask?

"-so, as you see, Mary, I can't do anything, but ask you this one very selfish question: can you take care of my three trouble-making brats for me? It's fine if you can't, I mean it probably will be very troublesome-" continued Clara, though she looked self-confident, as if she knew my mom would say yes to whatever she said.

"Ah, Clara, anything for you, anything at all. It won't be any trouble. . ." Was it me or was my mom a little stiff?

"That's very good, thanks." Clara said smiling. Her smile made me shudder for some reason. I mean she is my mom's old friend, right? Nothing to be afraid of. . . Then why am I feeling so apprehensive?

The End! End of 1st Chapter! Hope you liked it!