Lucifer's Apprentice

By Empirestv

This story will be novel size upon completion and will explore the Biblical character Lucifer aka Satan, the Adversary of Man. This will be first person POV from Lucifer's perspective in an attempt to humanize his motives. The following chapters will be based primarily on Old Testament scripture but will also be enhanced by Jewish myths, legends, and pagan stories during this time period. This novel should not be a substitute for the Holy Bible nor should the narration of Lucifer be taken at face value. As I continue my work on this novel, your comments, suggestions, critiques, and questions will be most helpful.

The Politician

The politician was at his desk late at night. He was alone; a single lamp illuminated the room. As the Prime Minister of an important country, he was responsible for millions of lives, perhaps billions depending on future decisions. The world awaited this politicians voice; markets would rise or fall on his remarks. The health and well being of the diseased and sick were in his hands. He held a responsibility beyond any before him in an ancient land. Like this politician, the land had been tormented and tortured namely by myself.

This politician's sin was not his greed nor lust for power. It was based on the false premise that he could never be saved and that he was destined to be damned forever. As God's enemy on Earth, he certainly had much to answer for. However, it was not impossible for him to come to goodness and yes he had some grace. The grace that allowed him to be charitable to his younger sister and love his wife. He had the grace to have sympathy for his people, but he also had the potential for the greatest acts of evil. In my experience, no human ever really believes that what he is doing is evil. The difference tends to lie in whether an action is good for themselves only or good for the people in general at the expense of self.

But this politicians was not deluded in any sense. I had given him no deal nor bargain, he had chose this on his own; I only gave him a helping hand. Perhaps it was foolish to rest all of my hopes on this one man for the final confrontation, but if he is not the man of prophecy then I have more time. I can see the signs though, this man is the right one. He is working on his computer, probably a trivial detail. He worked late often, it gave him satisfaction to work; a trait I admired. What was clear is that he did not notice my presence in the room.

The politician's room was fairly luxurious compared to other offices and cubicles within the building. There was a library with a collection of books, most of which were concerning law, politics, or history. There were also filing cabinets that held a number of files on matters of state. There was a window that allowed moonlight to flow in. A typical office. The door was locked but that made no difference to me.

"A slave to your work?" I asked the politician.

He stopped typing and turned around in his chair to face me. To his eyes, I was dressed in Arabic white robes similar to styles used years ago. My scalp was uncovered; my hair was past my shoulders and resembled tongues of flames. My complexion was a pale white but did not imitate skin but fire. My hands and face continually changed as a fire does. These features were merely the image I wish to give to this politician. In reality, I was not of this physical world at all. But this politician needed some kind of reference in order to understand me.

"Nothing you would be interested in," he replied.

This was true, but I didn't particular enjoy his boldness. When we first met, he cowered in fear from my presence. Others have likewise done the same mistaking me for one of their gods. But this man was the only one who dared to treat me as an equal. Perhaps he saw me as a superior or a respected adviser, but such a thought was still too arrogant. Still, such things were trifles compared to what I had planned.

But before he went forward into the next phase, I felt he needed to be educated in the origin of his race and the nature of things. He never fully comprehended my motivations, never knew the feelings that raged in my heart. He merely assumed that I was evil incarnate and that all of my actions were based on evil. But evil is not a reality, evil is merely an absence of good, that being God's grace. But events are not always so clear cut, sometimes one must act in a virtuous manner in order to deceive. In the end, the virtuous act means nothing as all truly virtuous acts must have positive intentions as well as positive results. They say the path to Hell is through good intentions. Perhaps so, but the path to Heaven is never through deception.

The politician's education was important in the sense that the more he knew, the more dangerous to mankind he would be. One must know the forces of virtue in order to crush it. And I alone knew the Lord more than anyone. How else could I oppose His plans and hopes for mankind? The angels in heaven never truly knew the Lord as I did. They are capable of sin and have sinned only to be forgiven, but I am the Lord's perfect opposite. And to be the Lord's perfect opposite requires a knowledge of Him that far surpasses any other conscious being.

As Christ knew the will of the Father, so be it that this politician know my will perfectly as well. Only an informed politician can truly be Christ's perfect opposite. And so for his benefit, I will tell him the story of Genesis, but even farther still than that. I will give him my perspective and if he is able to listen he may very well hate himself as much as I hate the rest of his kind. If he understood my hate for his race and believed as I did, he may consider killing himself out of revulsion. But as satisfying as that may be for me, an even greater satisfaction can emerge in that by living he causes the deaths of countless souls.

"May I recommend you cease for the moment. There is something more interesting I would like you to record," I told him.

"What would that be? This work can't wait," he said in reply.

"I assure you that after I tell you this tale, you will not feel tired nor will you feel uninspired in your work. In fact, you will be rejuvenated."

"How long will this tale take?" he asked.

"Look at your watch," I said to him.

He stared at his digital watch and found that the seconds were no longer counting. As if doubting me, he checked his computer and yet again the clock was frozen in place. "I have authority over time," I said.

"How shall I record you?" he asked taking out a notebook and pencil.

"Listen and then you will have a perfect recollection," I said losing patience.

The politician placed his notebook back on his desk. "Let's hear it."