Meum Preoblema Academicum vel Scholasticum

1st stanza: iambic pentameter

Bemoan my fate, performance mine at math

This art or science I've master'd not it yet

Though have a will I do to conquer it

Alas, not yet, so work I must do more


2nd stanza: dactylic & anapaest, some chiasmus

Science of the living is moderate, complex t'me

Not hard but with ease, Not easy but hard it is

To acknowledge the relative ease 'tis to me

Is to acknowledge the gift from God t'me


3rd stanza: dactylic tetrameter

Strength and endurance aren't qualities mine to have

They are distinct to the character that is me

Pray to the Lord for the qualities mention'd be-

Evident, clearly exist in the body and th' mind