I am a Mexican so I must be lazy and eat beans

Well, actually I'm lazy, but that's a completly different thing

I'm a Jew so I must be greedy

When actually I'm just cheap


Don't you dare to think of me as a dumb stereotype

Because you'll be such a bigot if you do so

Can't you see I'm needy of attention in my life?

And I need to proclaim my individuality to the whole world


Oh I am an writer so I must be an a loner freak

Let me tell you that's just incidental

But you'll soon realize when you reach the right age

That we're not really that special


I will never understand why teens are so angsty

Can't you see that life is too short?

And there you are wasting your precious life

Trying to be politically correct and all that gay stuff


NOTE: Thanks, and it wasn't mean to be taken seriously: I want to apologize to all REAL poets (I'm more a "rodeo-clown", if you will), but damn, I just wanted to do something I'd like to read XD.