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"Things that knew what an honest dollar did mean"

"Are you serious?" he asked the man in front of him.

The man who asked the question looked at the man in front of him with an incredulous look on his face. He had everything in the world; a beautiful fiancée, millions of dollars, a mansion, a high-esteemed career, and he was willing to sacrifice all of that for a couple of months in some town no one's ever heard of to relax?! Why would he choose to relax now, when his career was on fire? His most recent blockbuster surprise smash had just hit one hundred million dollars at the box office, and a sequel was already in the works. With scripts stacking up, Jethro Evans was every studio's number one choice to star in a movie. And why not? He had amazing talent, and it helped that he had rugged good looks as well. At forty-two, he was at the height of his career.

"Um… yeah, I mean, what's the problem?" Jethro asked in his soft, low voice. He pushed his black, thick-rimmed glasses up his long, pointed nose, and shifted his weight in the too-small leather chair he was currently occupying.

"Problem?!" he asked, disbelief evident on his face. "Jethro, as your agent, I do believe we should rethink this unfortunate turn of events. I mean, you're hot right now. You have so many opportunities right now, and you're willing to throw it all away?"

"I'm not throwing anything away," Jethro replied calmly yet firmly. Even though Jethro was a very relaxed person, he would not let anyone walk over him, especially his manager, Maxwell Thorn. "And, just so we get on the same page, we had nothing to do with this decision; I already made the decision, so there is nothing to rethink."

Maxwell leaned back in larger chair, and placed his thumb and forefinger on his chin, deep in thought. He sighed with exasperation after a moment. "You're really going through with it?" he asked again, just to make sure.

Jethro smiled. "I am really going through with it," he affirmed.

Maxwell sighed, looking almost helpless at the papers on his perfectly polished desk. He knew that once Jethro made up his mind with something, whether it was with a role, who he dated, and apparently, when he took time off and when he did not, it was was best not to argue. "Can I at least know where you're staying?" he asked as he watched Jethro stand up.

Jethro grinned at him, the grin that wooed women onscreen and off-screen, whether the woman was fourteen years old or eighty years old. That was how he managed to woo Victoria, the leggy thirty year old supermodel from Brazil. She was drop-dead gorgeous. Didn't Jethro realize just how good he had it? "You have my cell phone number," he teased lightly, and with that, Jethro slipped out Maxwell's office, and to where, Maxwell could not say.