You're dancing like hypnotic flames over my skin
And I'm drowning in this toxic smoke you breathe.
It's eating me alive from the outside in.
Damaging; you're just so damaging.

You're bubbling like a poison through my veins
Sticking needles in my limbs to feel you there
Till its only aerated skin that remains.
But the holes don't help you breathe.

You're singing like a psycho-siren in my head
Asphyxiating any thoughts of escape.
I'd drown out the voice if I bled.
Such a small price for sanity.

I remember a time when I was addicted to nothing
When I needed nothing.
Not your toxins in my veins, or your voice in my head...

From the bottom of my heart
I wish I could believe them when they say "amor vincit omnia"...

A/N: Firstly, I would like to apologise as this isn't beta'd, or edited, so it is likely I'll take it down at some point and upload a different version. The only stanza I like is the first :P

Also, the final 2 stanzas seem completely out of place, but that was kind of the point... if it really doesn't work though, review please? =]

I'm not even sure this is saying what I want it to =/