The first time Tiffany met Jason, Jason had called her a name and she had cried about it to her mommy. She had then proceeded to tell Stephanie and Jake about the bully who had called her a name. When questioned, Jason had just shrugged and said "It's true" in such a plaintive manner that Tiffany had burst into another round of tears.

All four children ended up at the same school. Tiffany was happy to find that her relationships with other people did not change at all (though she wished Jason would just go away). Tiffany and Stephanie still had a quiet understanding between them, Jake still chatted with her about everything, and Jason still did everything in his power to irritate Tiffany to the point of insanity.

In grade one, Jason had dumped his bottle of juice onto Tiffany's new white dress and called it an accident when the teacher asked. The teacher had immediately fallen victim to Jason's innocent appearance, and Tiffany, in her frustration had poured paint onto him in vengeance. She had gotten a time-out from the unreasonable teacher, and Tiffany had glowered at the wall the whole ten minutes she was banned from participating in classroom activities.

In grade two, Jason had pulled on Tiffany's long, braided hair and told all the boys that she had cooties. Even Jake had stopped talking to her for a week before Stephanie finally managed to talk some sense into him. That year, Tiffany grew used to insults and perfected her death glare. People quickly learned not to mess with her.

In grade three, Jason had threatened to ignore anyone who so much as spoke to Tiffany. Jake ignored what his twin said this time around, and Jason had refused speak to him. Seeing Jason follow through with his threat, everyone apart from Stephanie and Jake had proceeded to ignore Tiffany. Tiffany spoke to only three people her age that whole year.

In grade four, Tiffany had cut her long blonde hair so that it fell around her cheeks. Jason told her she was the ugliest girl he had ever met. Tiffany had cried for a whole day and vowed to never cut her hair again. Not that she cared what Jason thought of course, but her vanity wouldn't allow her to be called ugly by anyone, even a horrible bully like Jason. As revenge, Tiffany had pushed Jason into the lake on their field trip to the park. When the teacher saw and asked what had happened, Tiffany shrugged casually and said it was an accident. Her wide blue eyes practically screamed "I'm innocent", and the teacher hadn't questioned her further. Jason had glared at her from under his towel, but she had merely smiled sweetly and said "I learned from the best" before flouncing off in triumph.

In grade five, a new boy named Lucian had transferred into their class, and Jason had hated the guy with a passion. Tiffany had no clue why, since Lucian was perfectly polite, introducing himself to her and Stephanie in his quiet manner. Then again, Tiffany reasoned, Jason never had been the most rational person out there. Stephanie had smiled knowingly, and that smile had only widened when Jake had scared away every last boy that dared to approach Tiffany that year.

Yes, before Tiffany and Jason had become the best of friends, they had been the worst of enemies. Either way, nobody who had ever seen the two together had ever called their relationship average.

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