The night was cold, a strong breeze sweeping the leaves off the deserted street and carrying them off into the darkness.

A streetlamp flickered at the corner of Lover's End and Himmel.

The ambulance was long gone, taking the sound of sirens wailing and hushed sobs along with it.

The people at the scene were asleep in their beds, perhaps tossing and turning as nightmares plagued their minds.

The blood was mostly cleaned from the road, yet lonely red drops lingered here and there.

The shards of glass from the broken windshield had been swept away as well.

If a person from out of town were to walk down this street, he wouldn't have noticed anything different.

Perhaps a slight chill might crawl down his spine, but it was just the cold, right?

Maybe he'd hear a soft moan of pure agony, but surely it was only the wind.

But the people of this town knew better.

Within each whisper of the wind lay secrets kept untold by spirits, each soft breath another memory lost to the heavens.

Another soul had joined the chorus of the street corner that evening.

A girl of no more than seventeen summers, now a ghost of the past, gone and later forgotten.

The choir spun an eerie tune as they welcomed the girl into their midst.

The streetlamp flickered, and for a moment one might have seen a figure standing beneath the glow.

But, just as one would look more closely, she would vanish into the night, whispering her tale in the wind.