Eyes open. Trees. Left. Right. Left. Right. Swallow. Breath. Pain.

How long have I been out?

The sun was beginning to glow on the horizon--I was in the forest!--but I wasn't sure anymore that someone would find me. Not when I wasn't positive of my location. My stomach cramped, the pain unbearable. I don't even think I can see color anymore. If my hand was in my sight, would I see red or gray?

Maybe I could still stand if I tried hard enough. Something about never wanting to die without a fight. The thing had to be gone by now, having done its' damage. It wasn't anything like the book said, nothing like the eyewitnesses, and that goes to show that some people don't mind being inaccurate. A fighting chance. Beast or not, I was going to get myself back on my feet. Walking to the nearest road on the chance of someone stopping? Let the devil come out and finish me so long as I'm standing if not.

One hand up, the pain was less. Not a good sign. The other hand pulled to come up, and a long stitch of heat soared through my body. I screamed. My arm was pasted to my wound. Shaking, free hand down, I pushed myself up to sit. Jesus the pain.

I couldn't smell anything and my face hurt. Hell, I think I may have gotten whiplash or something. Part of me wondered if my face looked as bad as I felt. Nocturnal being, wamp-something or another. I didn't care anymore, and I was then on my feet. I don't know, but the trees were quiet, the wind dead.

Snap. Rustle. Growl.

Tears fell down my face and all my pain faded for this moment to the sound of my heart pounding in my head, neck, legs, everywhere. I couldn't move I was shaking so bad. I was going to die.

I turned to the sound, my neck and stomach aching horribly and not allowing for much of any movement. My arm, still stuck against my stomach wound, was causing the blood to flow again. Eyes through the darkness and peering from behind a nearby tree, glowed in the dawn's path. I couldn't move and my lips couldn't do more than shudder. It stepped towards me, more tears.

I was balancing on my knees and good arm now, clenching the grass. How'd I get here? Whimpers made the creature lick its bloodied lips and I didn't even try to stand again. He raised a clawed hand as I looked up to see the hunger in his eyes.


Then nothing.