I was having the cashier dream again. The food actually felt pretty real. That's all I could think about. Beep. The sounds were different, though. Beep Beep. "Error Correct." I didn't remember there being screeching and snapping before. Beep. Beep. Beep. "Will that be all?" I was in my pajamas. Why? Because this was a dream.

"Roaghurghle." Then there was a snarl. I finally looked up and before me was what I could only guess was a gigantic, spider-faced fur-coated beast. My eyes wide, I tried to think of something apologetic, because I can't stare. I shouldn't stare, but I feared what would happen if I looked away. The creature put a few coins on the platform and a hole appeared out of the woodwork. A receipt came up to my right.

"H-Here's your-r-receipt. . ." Shaking hands gave the Spider Man's furry ones a small piece of paper and I tried to slow my racing heart enough to keep from wanting to run.

"Flurgnagglen," he muttered. It was supposed to sound insulting, and he left. I couldn't stop staring, or stop wanting to cry. Then the next customer thudded her purse onto the belt. I reached for the beginning of her items and made the mistake of looking up. Empty eye sockets with dark red puss draining from them on a body of a porous and decaying woman stopped my breath. She opened her mouth, blood pouring out from there as she attempted to speak.

Oh god, I'm going to die.

In a half-attempt to remain conscious, I quickly checked her out and turned to shut my light off. Waking up was imperative, but I could feel everything! Every pain in my foot, even the sore on my hand from scraping against the metal turn style, was real. I felt my clothes, jumped up and down, caused my hand to bleed just to see if I could shake it off.

Turning around to see if I had any co-workers whom I knew, I found my voice gone as a woman with a name tag I couldn't read seemed to be made of flesh and bone except for the gigantic black tentacle that was spurred from her head and wrapped around her neck. Her eyes were black orbs and every once in a while she twitched and growled.

I looked around frantically. Bug people, dead animals, slime creatures, they were my co-workers. I was the only human here.

"Rawrrr." I turned and bit my tongue. I couldn't take it. Something came up behind me and pushed me out of the way, taking their turn at my register and muttering something I didn't understand. It pointed to a man-shaped creature, facing away from me, a few meters away and I went to him.

"Umm. . . " I lowered my voice, "Excuse me?" He ignored me. "Hello?" Suddenly, a loud growl came from behind me and I squeaked in fear and jumped out of the way of a millipede trying to get by. The man creature turned and looked at me finally. He had a crab claw for a hand and pinchers for a mouth snapped. He made a gurgling sound at me and I fainted.

And then I woke up in a sweat, heart pounding and shaking from head to toe. I was staring at a white ceiling, not sure if I wanted to know where I woke up this time. Sitting up, my feet became more level with the ground and I found myself standing. Tears were falling down my cheeks and I was where I fell. My side hurt, like somebody had tripped or run me over in some way. It was quite possible.

Still in my bunny pajamas and fighting to not run, I took my apron off and went in search of answers. Screeches and grunts followed me until I reached the outside world. It. . .

It looked the same. But worse. Monsters and creepers swarmed the streets and on the oozing and blood-coated ground were pieces of paper with a picture of a black spot and a halo of light around its circumference. A solar eclipse. Oh. s**t. Could that crap I read about in school have been true at all, even the littlest bit? Space travel and other worlds, dimensions?

A thud on my shoulder made me jump and spin to meet the eyes of the snapping face pincher boss. I held in a scream and he pointed back into the building. I didn't want to go back into the building, but part of me argued that if it was whatever it was and I had nothing else to go on yet, I was dead in the water.

I walked behind him through the store, avoiding eye/blob/feelers contact with anybody. Nobody spoke my language, but there was a calendar kind of thing in the back, schedules to see and learn, a system. All I had to do was keep from screaming or passing out every time a customer talked to me.

My eyes opened. Bunny Pajamas were replaced with a uniform. Beep. Beep Beep. "Rornwa Eromn." Beep. Beep. Beep. Item after item, one horrific monster after another, with their brain-sucking little monsters with them, screeching and moaning. Not really that much different than before. I still don't understand anything they're saying, just like before. Nobody really gave a damn. Same as here.

What was home? When was it? Did I dream it up? I had dreams of being back in the house I remembered in another dream, but it was less real now. I giggled a few times, trying to recall what my life was before the last Eclipse, but my memory was hiding from me. From ME! Another giggle, more like a cackle.

Something about Rome.