Hey all! I'm almost afraid to show my face here again after abandoning this story for so long... I wanted to let you readers know, though, I am embarking on a reboot of Perfect Strangers! After losing my outline midway through, the story started slowly falling apart and I couldn't maintain my muse. I knew things were wrong, but I couldn't remember what was supposed to happen instead. I am currently in the process of moving, though, and have come across some of the original notes and pieces of paper where I had written plot things. Rather than trying to finish the story and then rewrite it, I am beginning with a rewrite to get things back on track in the later chapters.

I apologize in advance for the inevitable inconsistencies this will cause when reading through the new and old chapters together. The updated story will be much better though, I guarantee it. I have matured a lot as both a writer and a person. I have a lot more to offer now, and the original is a fairly solid base to work from. I have missed interacting with my readers here, and I really hope some of my original readers are still around and don't hate me much!

The rewrite of chapter 1 is already posted, and chapter 2 is going under the knife/pen now!

Thank you for reading, be sure to check out the new version of chapter 1.