A/N: I guess the best way to summarize this is that I've been trying to work out a lot in my head, lately. There's been a lot going on recently, and this is (hopefully) the first of a few situations that I'm thinking about (provided my writer's block is gone). Anyway, R&R me, I'll R&R you :)

The Domino Effect

I wonder if it's because

you were hurt by someone, too.

The night you explained it,

you held my hand while you cried.

We walked around the lake,

fireflies still burning,

we sat outside 'til morning,

your words swimming in my head.

You had someone, back then,

you said she was your heart.

She quickly became a backdrop

to the games you began to start.

At first you wanted to see me all the time,

getting nervous when I wasn't within sight.

Then you switched gears, told me to leave,

like you couldn't handle being seen with me.

Were you trying to stop yourself,

knowing that you couldn't?

I watched you hold in your impulses,

the muscle in your jaw, twitching.

Those were the days you wouldn't sit next to me,

wouldn't look, wouldn't speak.

You held your arms in,

keeping your weapons to yourself.

Like some kind of serial killer

you only gave in when it was too tough to resist.

And while you waited,

you watched, so that

when the impulse struck,

you would know where to strike me,

break me into, scare me into

pretending to be yours.

It all came down to truth or dare,

The lights out, emotions high,

Wondering which one would end the night.

When I decided to pick truth,

It bounced off without breaking through.

You chose 'dare', but it wasn't child's play.

As you moved in closer, I tried to pull back,

unsure of what I wanted, or how to react.

So I held my ground while you held me close,

thinking if I just waited, it'd be over somehow.

Eventually, the night turned into dusk.

I'm still waiting to see the sun.