i never seem to be seen

not by you.

i'll smile and wave

and if i'm lucky, you notice,

smile back, and make my day.

but today, it was different.

you stopped and greeted me

(completely unexpected)

and in amazement i smiled back,

wordless from surprise.

it seems that while your smile makes my day

and your friendship makes my life,

simply being seen by you

is all that matters.


a/n: the thing here is, he told me directly he doesn't like me that (but we're friends, right?). he rarely sees me when we pass in the halls and i offer him a smile... my day is made when he smiles back. and today, the boy who never seems to see me stopped and saw me before i ever saw him coming. he smiled, said hello... i could have died then in complete and utter happiness. the unexpected little things are what make liking him so amazing... you think he doesn't care and then you're chatting at length about who even cares what. you're seemingly ignored in the hall and suddenly you're the first person he cares about talking to in the morning. things can change... but when has life ever allowed me a happiness like him?