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Okay Rin Sayuri here. If anyone finds this please believe all that I say is true. I am cursed with a strange curse that's been in my family for I don't even know how long and if I was told I most likely didn't really pay attention. Well anyway every decade a member of my family is chosen by a … um … well demon, I guess that means when we're ten. Please don't think I'm joking. That demon is a fighter unit if you will and we are its healers, our … um … bodily fluids have a strange healing effect. I'd get scientific if I could but I'm making a D in Chemistry so you'll just have to take what I give. Well um … the fighter unit is the demon and my family act as healers for it. Okay I already discussed that but we also have psychic powers. It's our only fail safe if we're separated from our demon and it's rare for them to be … well useful if we have to fight another demon. Because of our unique powers we've been dubbed "Psyers" guess it was a combination of the words psychic and slayers. Wonder what genius came up with that.

My brother, who was only eighteen, God rest his soul, died two years ago in this world where the demons reside. We're suppose to go to this place with our demon, train then enter in this tournament and if my family wins, Earth is spared from the wrath of the God of Destruction till another century. Every chosen one in my family has had their own demon and after a century passes, the healer now dead, the demon goes back to their world. They get one wish from the Demon King for winning the tournament, guess it can be anything they want.

Sounds like a happy end doesn't it? Well it's not cause here comes the sucky part. Since my brother's dead I'm next in line to enter the tournament and inherit his demon in place of my own. I wasn't even suppose to have to fight, my brother was gonna be in the tournament. My other brothers and sisters can't do it cause their too young so it's up to the fourteen me.

Goodbye Earth. Not only am I insanely clumsy but I also can't do anything right. My psychic powers are not even worth mentioning. The one thing I can do right is produce a somewhat functioning force field.

But if that wasn't bad enough, Azrael, the demon that belonged to my brother has been weakened. An older demon put a curse on him which is why he's hiding out in this cave in the mountains way on the north side of the world. I'm suppose to go all the way from my home in Okinawa to Green Land just to go fetch his ass and the tournaments in a year.

A year isn't enough time since it takes us healers to form a strong bond with our demons which takes eight months. Eight months to form a frigging bond then there's the fact that we have to be in the demon world by the tenth month or else we won't be able to enter the fight. Time, time, time damn you time!

I've just wasted an hour trying to write my last words in case I don't … make it back. To think I thought it would be cool to have my very own demon, despite the fact mine was late anyway. Dad said there was a mishap in the demon world and my demon was still in his long sleep. Wish he would've woke up, at least then I'd have a fighting chance.

Well here goes nothing, good bye cruel world.

Rin Sayuri

P.S. wish I was a normal child.

P.P.S Love you Izzy, despite how heavy you are.