What do you see in each snowflake that falls
lightly on the frozen crust of the earth?
Do you look close enough to see how each is unique
just like all the people in this world?
Or do you just stay within your comfort zone
and refuse to face risking the outside's bitter cold?

If you look close enough into any person
you will see how different they are
compared to the countless others in the world
but, in order to do this you must gain the courage
to step outside the comfort of your home
and face the bitter cold of the outside air

Do you dare take a chance with the freezing air?
Do you dare take a chance to get to know a person
from not only what your eyes can see
but, also from what that person's heart can tell?
Consider yourself invited outside
to meet all the unique flakes you take for granted

Discover what it means to be different
and all the positive aspects it brings to life's quality
as our diversity blankets the world on one common ground
we are all in search of a place to land
So that love may reach us in divine harmony
dancing in the breeze until that time comes

Who do you see in each snowflake?
No two being the same like us
we are the snowflakes that fall
Come and seek us to understand our diversity
before we melt away
and return to our home above