Bad habits.
Like, cracking my gum.
Cracking my knuckles.
Cracking my jaw.
Bad habits like
smoking cigarettes.
Smoking marijuana.
Smoking smoking smoking.
Bad habits like
Bad habits like
fucking until I'm numb.
"Fuck you", "Fuck it", "Fuck it all", "Fuck fuck fuck".
I've fucked up big this time.
My bad habits colliding like asteroids into my earth,
knocking it off its orbit and blowing everyone up into tiny little pieces.
Chunks of flesh and strands of hair shooting into every direction.
The Eiffel Tower torn up into puzzle pieces,
the Great Lakes spraying water into the vacuum of space.
My bad habits, conspiring against me.
My bad habits, swirling into themselves,
creating a black hole of regret.
Bad habits, like
Bad habits like
losing my train of thought.

Fuck it.