And so now you know, my children of wickedness, that in the end I will be the one to control you all. I, the master of the monsters, am inside of all of you. This one pawn may not know that we don't die together. This pawn does not realize that I am inside of everyone, just in varying amounts. This pawn may be the only one to realize that I am not a good thing, that I am not fun or entertaining. I plan on it staying that way. Come on, my children, it is okay to be funny. Tell those hilarious jokes. Sure they might be a little inappropriate; sure they might hurt someone's feelings; but it's okay because you are enjoying it and your friends enjoy it, and that's what matters. Don't listen to this weakling who doesn't know anything, doesn't understand our sense of humor, who is too dumb and weak of mind to understand. This weakling is narcissistic and self-centered. Don't let this weakling ruin your fun. Just listen to me. I am your friend. You know me. The other didn't even address you personally at all. I have. So just forget the other, who has already forgotten you. But I'm here. So what's it gonna be?