I Have Eyes

I have eyes to see

The beauty this earth offers,

The majesty of God's

Creative hands.

I watch deer lightly bound

O'er the plush grass

Wildflower dotted prairie

Of my native state.

I gaze out over the endless

Blue water of Superior,

The cerulean crystal horizon

Blending into the sky.

Yet my eyes see

The disturbing images

Of this very same blue planet

Of cruelty, indifference and hate.

I have watched

People live in pain and suffering

Because they cannot afford

The cost of healthcare.

Home becomes hell

When children are harmed

By those who are bound

To love and protect them.

Families live in dire poverty

Growing thinner from giving

While the rich grow fatter

As they take from us less fortunate.

Criminals rampage our streets

Going unpunished by our justice system,

Yet defending oneself from crime

Earn good people jail time.

Such large problems

Yet so little time;

Perhaps hate will be

Our world's damning fate.