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Forgetting what they had been talking about for a moment, Abi gave Corran a questioning look.

He caught it and gave her answers. "His name is Brincol Yieth, he's around Penn's age, he's been the same shift as me for awhile and he thinks it's his personal mission to keep me from being so cruel. And he doesn't know where I came from."

"Or that you're a convert." Hurriedly, she added, "Supposedly."

Corran nodded. "He showed up after. Now. Would you give me those names again? The girls who came on your mission with you, I mean."


He reached into his pocket and came out with a few pieces of paper, and handed one to Abi along with a writing stick. "I told Cole the truth. I'm going to go talk to them. Did you think I'd leave them here? How cruel do you think I really am, Abi?"

"Oh." She accepted the page and writing stick. "What's this?"

"I want you to write them a reason to believe me."

"Ah... Fine. Sure. Let me think." In the end, she simply wrote, Believe him. Crazy as it sounds, it's true. All of it. I swear it by Chance and on Lorr's life. Abi.

Corran took the writing supplies back and read the paper over. Looking up, he said with a smile, "I suppose this isn't the time to warn you about oaths made on lives?"

Abi just smiled back.

"Now." He moved another paper to the top of the stack and pressed them to the wall to write. "Their names?"

"Alania Menessin...Alisdair Renaydi...Raven Iridetia...Alexadri Wood...and don't forget Nixie."

"Right." He finished, slipped all the sheets but the one he'd written on himself back into his pocket, picked up the light, and walked the single step to the door. Before he opened it he turned back to her. "I'll be back tomorrow, all right? Just hang on."

"I will."

His palm was resting on the handle when he hesitated again. "Abi... Don't try to run, all right? Wait for me."

She smiled again. "Yes, Commander." Then she couldn't help adding, "I was planning on it anyway, before you said so."

"So now she's planning," he said, not exactly to himself. Then he pulled the door open and walked out.

Abi blinked the spots out of her eyes and leaned back against the wall. Talk about messing it up... Then again, did we? The idea was to find him, and we did. Then again, the idea was to rescue him, and since I didn't make an actual plan for that, he's using his plan to rescue us.

No matter how well she'd done looking like a good leader up until now, there was a certain point where a girl had to admit she'd almost ruined everything.

Considering that, she didn't try to run. She waited for Corran.

End of Part 1. Part 2 of Command will be Will You Follow.

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