Ode to a Faceless Friend

I've never had a lover

And I've never had a friend,

But I still want you to know

That I always cared.

When you leave behind

Your memories in this fickle place

Perhaps you will remember me

And wonder where I am.

And then you will find me

In the place where many rest

Sleeping in eternal peace

In the comfort of my everlasting bed.

You will see the cornice and realize

What has happened,

And then you will wonder

How it came to this.

And the answer will come to you

When you realize how suddenly

My life was cut away

And what you did.

The sun will set on you

Like it did on my life,

And finally you will realize

The beauty you shunned.

Billions of stars scatter

Across the endless midnight sky;

They are the tears

That I forever cry.