The Outcast's Prayer

Every night I pray

that God will hear

the cries of those

who are helpless.

I pray for those

who live in a dream,

with empty souls

and desolate lives.

For the children

who roam the streets

afraid of home,

even of sleep.

For people who care

but aren't cared for,

for those who don't know

love and affection.

For those who steal

just to survive

with nowhere to run,

nowhere to hide.

For those who reach

toward a warm hand to hold,

a guiding light through the dark,

and for someone to love.

For those who are ill

grasping at the straws of life,

no strength left within

their fragile, weak bodies.

For those who lean

toward a helping hand

only to be turned away

by cold unkindness.

For those who are empty

and searching for themselves

only to find nothing

and fall from the edge.

I pray for so many lost souls

my own included

in the hope that God heals the lives

of His deserted children.